amateur needs advice

my system: T+A 3000 (Germany) pre-amp/amp + Quad 10-77L speakers (bi-wire) + sunfire subwoofer(on my wish-list)

what do I have to spend (and on which site) in order to enjoy my music better?
I don't have the time to check out many cables.

Is there help for me?

Thanks for your help!
You could try using they can make recomendat-ions as to cables. They have lending library that you can use with about a 10 percent deposit. The deposit is applied to purchases. Cables do matter so if you can don't skimp there. Try to stay in the same pricing bracket as your equiptment. You can use $1000. a meter interconnects by why would you want to?
time is what it is going to take, my friend.
This is a journey and it takes time. My advice is to relax a little and put some real thought into what you really want to get out of your system. There are many threads about where to start - speakers,pre amp,amp, transport. I know one thing for sure, cables should be the last step.

This is a wonderful site, full of good information and good gear from honest people.

Here are but a few of the questions that you need to ask yourself to really understand what you are asking here:
What kind of music do you like? what do you like about your system now? what don't you like? what size is your room? what media is your music?

what do you mean "enjoy my music more?" that answer could just be a good bottle of wine :)

hope this gets you to ask some more questions of yourself and that this will help you find your answers.
cheers - aj
To "enjoy your music better" go to (or wherever), get the soundtrack from the movie "Congo", per Angela100's suggestion, get a bottle of wine to your liking. Then invite wife or girlfriend to join you. Open wine, put on music, give oral gratification (does this writer mean good talk?...yeah, right!) to aforementioned friend/wife, (live by the Life Cardinal Rule - you don't stop till you are told to!), swap places (if the music has completed by now, you SHOULD have hit repeat when you first put the CD on!!) and....Enjoy the Music BETTER!!!! (Give us a report back to this thread on the experience!)
Cable talk later! Happy Listening!
Gee, Munich, what is it you don't enjoy about your music now? That's the first question. If you're really dissatisfied, the two most obvious approaches are to work on improving your room and replacing your speakers (adding a subwoofer also counts).

If you want to improve your system but you don't have time to do a lot of listening and comparing, you've got a problem. Maybe you ought to concentrate on finding some good music right now, and get back to the audio quest later.
It sounds to me like if a sub is on your wish list, then that is what you need to do to make your system better. No cable is going to improve your bass even close to what a sub would do. You had the answer all the time, The Wizard