Amateur changing a Rega P1 cartridge

I have slowly upgraded my mid-fi setup over the last couple of years to the point where I suspect my Rega P1 and standard Ortofon OM-5SE are probably overmatched. Sounds good but wondering if I could coax more out of it.,

(System for the record: An Aragon 8008 ST amp, Rogue Metis pre with the Magnum upgrade, Thiel CS-2 speakers). I don't see having bucks for a new table and any time soon but could swing a new cartridge in $100-200 range and had read good things about Ortofon 2M Blue and Red on this table but am nervous about installing myself.

How tough is it to get things set up right on a Rega? Don't want to make things worse but with my work hours it is a pain and expensive to take it to the only shop near me who can do this sort of thing.
Regas are the easy to add cartridges especially if it is a Rega cartridge. The 3 holes on a reg cartridge line up with the 3 holes on the headshell. Whenever attaching or removing a cartridge from a TT alays add the stylus protector before starting work. Just a safe measure to keep in mind. Now, if you are adding a non-Rega cartridge you will need the Rega cartridge alignment guide or go to the and print one. Patience is your friend here so take your time. You need to be sure the overhang is correct and 'stylus' is parallel to the guide lines on the template. One other thng, do not overtighten your headshell screws.
to be first this is a royal pain in the a@@...but does become easier over does seem like you have to be a swiss watchmaker at times to perform these changes...note:when removing old cart be sure to grasp connecting sleeve on all ground leads,etc as close to original connection as other not yank on bare wire!...I recently made a cart change and ended up taking my table in which included free calibration,etc...i now know why p-mounts were invented...ha...
Thanks guys. So, it can be done but there is a high likelihood I will screw up. Just like marriage. I will probably give it a shot....