Amarra Player vs Tidal Streaming


I generally play Tidal streaming
but, I also have a couple 1000 cd's on iTunes and using Amarra 3.0 player on a Mac

I've just noticed how " dull" Amarra sounds to me compared to Tidal 

I also compared a HDtrack 24/96 same songs compared to the Tidal streaming.
The sound profile is still dull.

How do Audioirvana, JRiver or Roon sound to you guys vs Tidal?
Is there a best one for SQ?  ( probably the biggest $$$)
Anybody compared them?

Is there some setting I need to change
I continue to read how analog Armarra sounds on blogs!

Tidal is great to me


Are you using the same interface for both?

How can you use both Amarra and Tidal with USB?

Steve N.

Empirical Audio


I use different apps, but same USB

Turn one off, turn one on and run at a time.

I can get both to play at same time, too
And make me crazy

Running Mac as source


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I’m also keep to hear how Tidal compares to audiophile cd’s ripped to JRiver? Though I note you can also listen to Tidal though Jriver - Apropos the above, does anyone know if Roon be linked to Jriver?

I will one day add a high end server/streamer linked to my Vitus’s excellent dac & rip my library (hence adding a better media player such as JRiver). Ultimately I could see myself listening to a mix of cd's, rips, streamed albums via Tidal & internet radio for background listening.

I use Tidal with Ethernet interface and Amarra with USB. With the RIGHT USB interface, I found Amarra to be better. I use a Mac Mini with El Capitan OS, but I use an older version of Amarra.  Found it to be better. Maybe it's the Amarra version you are using.

What playback app are you using with Tidal and USB?

Steve N.


1) Right usb interface ?  Explain?
    I use the Mac mini usb to Meridian
Explorer2.  ( looking for new dac)
2) Amarra 3.0.1     Is my version
    What version are you using
3) I am using standard Tidal app you download & up to date
4) I’m not sure Mac version , but I think el captain


1) Right usb interface ?  Explain?
    I use the Mac mini usb to Meridian

I am using my own designs of course, which deliver 10psec of jitter.

2) Amarra 3.0.1     Is my version
    What version are you using?

I am using version 2.3.  Not available for download anymore.

Steve N.

Empirical Audio

iTunes is your weak link. Years ago, I switched from Audirvana using iTunes to having it read the tracks. The next weak link is using usb. No matter what tricks you do to usb, it’s atill flawed. The next weak link is having a computer in your audio room. I moved away from a Mac mini running audirvana 2.x years ago to a dedicated streamer, the Auralic Aries which was a big sq improvement. A year ago, I moved away from the Aries to using roon with a ps audio DS dac with the bridge II and couldn’t be happier.