Amarra = no sound after Pure Music installed

Hello Everyone,

I am fairly new to the PC music world but for better or worse, I've jumped in head first. I have the Weiss DAC202 running with a MACmini and I have been using Amarra successfully. I am currently listening with a pair of beyerdynamic T1s while I wait for my Revel Salon 2s to arrive (will be mated to a pair of Pass Labs XA100.5 monos). As a side note, I changed out the standard Radio Shack firewire cable with an Oyaide firewire cable - Very Nice change... smoother, more detailed, etc.

Now to the problem: I added Pure Music's Channel D software and Amarra no longer puts any sound out to the headphones! Coincidence or software sabotage!?

Any suggestions will be welcomed.
You need to make sure that both Pure Music and Amarra are not running at the same time. And you may need to re-configure Amarra with the right audio device as sometimes these programs get confused if they can't get exclusive access to the sound device.

Also, you may want to try rebooting your computer. For troubleshooting purposes, you'll want to make sure neither application launches on startup.
Check your midi setup... It may have changed or you made need to set each device for sound output. If memory serves...

Could it be a Hog Mode issue? I had a trial version of Pure Music a while back and remember that when configured in Hog Mode no other program will be able to output through the DAC - or something like that. Pure Music is a tweaky beast!
Thank you for the suggestions. I do believe that I had PM in the Hog mode at one time. That would do it.