Amarra HiFi & HD Tracks

I am new to computer audio. I have downloaded and installed Amarra HiFi 2.4.2 on a Macbook Air and downloaded a few HD Tracks 24/96 flac files. When I click on a HD Tacks file and say open with Amarra HiFi, Amarra simply shuts down (crashes). What am I doing wrong? Or is this the wrong way to play HD flac files?
I would check to make sure you have all the proper codec's in stalled to play the type of files you have. Also, make sure your OS and all other software is updated and configured properly.

You don't list your system. You may be asking your dac to play something it can't.
Open Amarra 2.4.2. click "Playlist" in the top tool bar and the click "Add Tracks From Finder". Add the tracks you choose to play and click "Save". You can name the playlist so that multiple play lists can be created for future playback. Make sure you have allocated enough memory in Amarra Preferences as the default is only 512M. I have set mine to 4GB, but; have 8GB of RAM to support that setting. It seems 2GB or more is preferred when using Playlist. Should play just fine from there.
Thanks for your help Gocubs999. I am using a MF V-Link 24/96 USB to SPDIF conversion onto a Krell HTS 7.1. The Krell DAC will handle up to 24/96 files without problem.