Amarra for iTunes at RMAF...

As my listening habits are split about 70% from iTunes and 30% vinyl I was pretty excited to see Stereomojo report on the new Amarra software for iTunes that can increase the sound quality of your digital music.

I was somewhat less excited to see that the price tag on this software add-on is almost $1k. Has anyone heard the Amarra software and have thoughts on if it's worth this price? Are there any similar products out there for a more reasonable price?

Happy listening!
Amarra only works with Macs.
VRS is offering 10% off Amarra for RMAF, we also updated our website with more information about Amarra and lots of screenshots.
THX Johnh.
Just ordered it.

Amarra uses a software protection program called ILock which is a combination of a Dongle and software that installs at the system level in your computer. Before you install Amarra you should do a Google search for "Ilock" and also check out the posts on Computer Audiophile "Amarra installs a Rootkit".

Many people refuse to use software that uses these types of protection systems because they have caused serious computer problems.
Roccoriley, I read the entire thread and really don't know what to make of it. As an Apple user since the 80s, I don't feel very threatened, but having heard copy protection, I cannot help but wonder if ILock in the Amarra might actually harm the music. At any rate, I want to escape Foobar and cannot tolerate Itones, so I have little choice.