Amarra 3.0 vs. Audirvana

I have been happily using Audirvana to play my hi-res files on my MacBook Pro. The easy integration with your iTunes library is great. I tried earlier versions of Amarra and found the interface to be clunky and the program itself to be buggy and crash-prone. It's also expensive. But I'm wondering if any of you have used the two programs side by side and can vouch for relative merits in terms of sound quality.
I tried Amarra HiFi 2.5 and Audirvana Plus; eventually settled on Audirvana Plus for three reasons. 1. Audirvana Plus just sounded better to my ears, slightly higher resolution IMHO. However, I am not going to pretend the difference is night and day, it is not. 2. I prefer the Audirvana Plus interface, nice and simple to use, again IMHO. 3. What finally did it for me is the $50 version of Audirvana Plus will play virtually any HD computer file 24/96 and above; In 2012 Ammara required an expensive upgrade to do this (I believe this is no longer the case?). Bottom line, I am extremely happy to stick with Audirvana Plus.
Is there a consensus as to which version of A+ is the best sounding?
There's only one version these days, and that includes everything. He also offers a 15-day free trial, after which you can unlock the full version by purchasing a key code.
Amarra 3.0 has improved sound wise, it has more resolution and depth BUT the stability issues persist which is a Con.