Amarra 2.3.2 vs Puremusic 1.82 playback software

I am running both Amarra & Puremusic on my system & for a day or two swapping between each. I find them both excellent.

I always preferred the sonics of Amarra in the past to the others i tried, but this latest Pm version sounds very good. It has a slightly denser image density than Amarra 2.3.

I think the latest Amarra offering is only just better in my system due to a silkiness & beauty in the highs. This may be due to the fact I use a Weiss DAC & Amarra is linked with Weiss.

I wonder if anyone else has noticed any differences between the sonics of these bits of software?
I have both program. My set up is iMac , april audio u2 , cary 306 sacd as DAC, cary slp 05 preamp, cary 805 AE set, Proac D38 speaker, kimble cables and nordost speak cable.

I prefer Amarra sounds. It is much more musical and more enjoyable. Of course this is all subjective and depends on listener,s taste.
I think PM is much more stable program than Amarra which is still very unstable and slow IMO. This is radiculous at this price range.
One other thing is that I do not like Amarra can not play certain file such an
88.2 file and push it to itune to play. This is annoying and it should not be this way at this price range. I also think authorization process of Amarra is terrible.
However, I like Amarra sound better and that is only reason, really only reason I use this program.
I've been using Fidelia for some time now after experience with Amara and PureMusic. Every once and awhile I go back an check the others out, but return to Fidela... I'm wondering why no one mentions it.

:) listening,

I prefer the sound of Amarra over PM. The sound seems more musical with a nicer soundstage. The highs are just within my hearing range and the detail seems clearer to me. One feature that I really like is MediaMonkey's scanning all drives for all of your music files. A lot less confusing than any other program that I have used.

I just started playing with XXHIGHEND on a Windows laptop. It is not very user friendly but it does produce a more dynamic sound than my Mac programs. It is also available as a free download. I would be very interested in a discussion about this product in its own thread.

My hardware is AudioNote DAC 2.1B, Art Audio Carissa and Dali Helicon 800 speakers. All tube system.

I tried Fedelia & found it sounded good. Not that different to Amarra. I just can't stand the interface. I like using iTunes as an interface. Not a fan of a list.