It's on every other forum so I figured I would ask here...what are your thoughts on who have used it?
I'm not clear on the Almarra product. Is it a hardware (dac)/ software package only, or can you just purchase the software and use your own dac?
Amarra is a software product but Sonic Studio makes DACs. Check it out here:

Hardware seen here:
Thanks, that software looks interesting. I'll have to contact them for more info, and as to whether it will work with my Wadia. would do best to contact either Vincent or John at VRS, as they are the dealer/representatives for Amarra, and have the most knowledge about the software and hardware issues. They were also the gents who helped bring Amarra to the audiophile marketplace for Sonic Studio, and assisted in the refining and testing as well.

"" or ""
Alan, thank you very much!
Whenever someone asks about Amarra on a web forum, Alan Kafton advises everyone to call Vincent or John at VRS. Similarly, when I posted a question about Amarra, Vincent asked me to email him privately for advice. His "advice" consisted of his telling me to submit my question to Jon Reichbach, the president of Sonic Studio, and to tell Jon that Vincent referred me so that Vincent would get the sales commission.

I find this incessant shilling by Alan Kafton and Vincent Sanders very annoying.

Go to the Amarra website, and you'll see the names of all Amarra dealers. Also, Jon Reichbach seems to welcome direct inquiries.
Too bad your panties are in a twist, Patent, but Vincent and John are friends and colleagues, and I wish to see them succeed. I have NO FINANCIAL INTEREST in their company, nor do I receive any commissions or compensation for my effort.

Further, every point I made is correct and true....they were part of the development and continued debugging and testing of Amarra since its product inception, and set up systems and rooms at both RMAF and CES (at their own expense) showcasing Amarra both before and after the product launch. Other than Amarra's development team, there is no one who knows more. John Hughes, Vincent's partner, has important technical knowledge about the ins-and-outs (of Amarra), and I always refer people to him. Why speculate when you can get the correct answer? That is the spirit with which I provide this information, and make these posts. Period.

Further, Vincent rarely posts on any forum, and only does so to inform and answer a specific question. It is both incorrect and insulting to accuse him of shilling. Patent discloses that Vincent had asked to make contact privately in order to help him out....that's hardly shilling. That's acting in an unobtrusive and professional manner.
Alan Kafton said: "Patent discloses that Vincent had asked to make contact privately in order to help him out...that's hardly shilling."

I would agree if he had provided any help, but he did not provide even one sentence of help. He merely told me to deal directly with Amarra while asking me to give him credit for the sales commission.
Regarding Alan Kafton's supposed lack of financial interest in VRS Audio Systems, Alan did not disclose that VRS is a dealer for the World Power "Power Wing" manufactured by Alan:
VRS is NOT a dealer for my product, but thanks for the plug. In fact, I do not have ANY dealers. If you did your homework correctly, you would know that the Power Wing is a customer-direct product (as stated on my website), along with the Cable Cooker. VRS, along with many other business colleagues (and there are many), recommend my products from time-to-time, because they've used them and like them. But you seem to have a nasty anti-business agenda here, don't you.

If Vincent couldn't help you with your question (which is quite odd, knowing how involved he is with Sonic Studio and Amarra), it is only professional for him to refer you to Jonathan. Perhaps you had questions about your DAC and its ability to work with Amarra, or some other technical question that Vincent couldn't answer without a crystal ball. Not "one sentence of help"? You make it sound like some nefarious is going on. Vincent is one of the most helpful people I know, and if he doesn't know the answer to something, he digs and digs 'til he finds it, especially for a customer.

Any other lies and smears you wish to offer now?
I am John Hughes of VRS Audio Solutions. I can help anyone with any questions about Amarra who really wants answers or help :)
Hi John, thanks for your help. I guess I was really wanting to know if the Almarra software is a stand-alone product that can work with a person's existing dac. I did visit the Almarra website and saw a small list of dacs that are supported. I'm running a mac mini into an Empirical Audio Freeway 2 usb to spdif converter, then into my Wadia 860x cd players' digital input, using it as a dac. Note that the 860X dac supports 24 bit data up to 96khz.
I have to check whether Amarra is compliant with the Freeway 2. How old is your product?
It is compliant with the newer Empirical Audio products, such as the Offramp Turbo 3. Steve Nugent will know.
If your Freeway has the latest firmware it should work. Check the Audio Midi settings and see if your device is listed as 'Empirical 1.1'. That should confirm this.

We can setup a demo for you, just email me.
Hi John,
Yes, my Freeway shows up in the Midi as Empirical 1.1. It has the newer "driverless" firmware.