Amari ultrasonic automatic RCM

Looks like a knock off of the Audio Desk. The price is about $1400.Its made in China. Does anyone have any experience with this machine. just can't justify $4000. I can buy a lot of records with the saving. My VPI 16.5 is getting old and is not doing a very good job with lifting dirt that is embedded deep into the grooves.
Amari RCM...
Go to The Cable Companies web site and look at a record cleaning machine called the Hanss Acoustics RC-20. It looks like the exact same machine as the Amari, and they have it listed at $840. If you call them, they'll give you an honest answer as to how good it is. I'm sure they can send you a demo unit as well.
The first Amari shown is an ultrasonic machine while the other is not (like the Hanss). The Hanss RC-20 is also available for $740 at Kosmic - Another look alike is the Music Hall WCS-2 for $749 - These two are not ultrasonic.
Thanks for info.
There is a video of the ultrasonic model being unboxed and set-up and used to clean a record. Just scroll down a little to see the video.

Seems really nice and easy. It even vacuums off the excess water. The selling price I saw was 7200 Chinese Yuan, which is about $1200 USD. After shipping and fees, I would think we could have this at around $1500 or so.

I'd be one of the first to buy one. I LOVE the AudioDesk and the KLAudio units, but way too much money for me.

Here's to hoping this unit makes over here.
I asked them for additional details and only got the response that the unit was for 240 volts. That was all the iformation forthcoming. I'll try again.
It's $923 from Cattylink
If you are willing to spend about $1500.00 and you want the results of ultrasonic cleaning I would recommend the V8. It cleans 8 records at a time and is as simple to use as anything out there. Made in America too. I don't own it but I know people who do and I have experienced the cleaning activity and improved playback. I'll be getting one eventually.
Thanks the V8 maybe the way to go.
Get a vinyl stack for eBay , to rotate & how 3 LP & buy an ultrasonic cleaner for USD200 . Only set back is no dryer unless u have a RCM like VPI to vacuum dry it . Read up VPI industries forum
The V8 is just a homemade box and hardware around a $400 (tops) Chinese tank. It's a nicer Vinyl Stack. It compares in no way to the Amari units which are fully manufactured, aluminum, microprocessor automated etc. etc. My only question is did Amari cheap out or manufacture poorly compared to AudioDesk.
Be careful ordering from cattylink - ordered a Amari RW 800 record cleaner from them they sent me a CD player and is completely MIA to get the issue resolved - be warned

Good listening

Peter...sorry to hear that. I would have loved to hear your take on the RW 800. I'd really like to try one, but am a little gun shy until more info is available.