Amanero audio drivers

Have anyone been also having issues with these Amanero 384 drivers in their dacs ?
I've been using Amanero USB to I2S boards for about 4 years with a Windows 10 driver.  No issues.  What problem are you having?
Windows did a update yesterday and totally wiped out the driver , I tried uninstalling then reinstall ,no ,when reinstalling a file dont. Recognize very 
Over the years I've been using an Amanero board (with LKS and now Musetec DAC). I've had many Windows 10 upgrades. Never had a problem with Amanero driver or any other driver. You may have a problem with your windows or computer rather than the driver. The only thing I can think of is that your driver may have become corrupted. I suggest you erase your driver and download another either from Amanero or from your DAC manufacturer's site.
Exactly the driver was corrupted ,you could uninstall it 
but then reinstall would get hung up a tech had to fix several sub directories
i got so mad I sold the dac ,a new audio gd R8 mk2 R2Rdac 
thst sounded very respectable 
 and bought a Bricasti  M3 dac with Roon -Streamer card hooked up my ethernet. 
now I have a new Excellent $860. Final touch audio Callisto usb cable  to sell .
extreme maybe.