Am I too big of a jerk,even for audiogon?

Let me explain. I have extremely high and very vague standards. I look down on everything, and I mean everything, never talking about specifics or my own point of reference. I’ve looked down not just on people and equipment but science and facts as well. They are far far beneath me.  It is all too much for me to explain, but I am sure you are all doing it wrong.  WRONG, with a bold, underlined and hooker-script WRONG font used here.

I start these crazy troll posts which are incredibly successful in nabbing a lot of the regulars in audiogon.

I should be very happy with myself, but sometimes I have to wonder if my level of jerk is too much for all of you too handle. I’m trying to blaze a path, but are you with me audiofools or not???
Erik, looks like some didn't get the joke.

All I have to say for myself is that my post was honestly not political.  It has gone that way and that is a sign of the times instead of anything from me.

:D :D :D :D :D
@erik_squires I know exactly what you're saying, and I would say that the best approach to those you describe is the one taken by Professor Charles Kingsfield in the film, The Paper Chase. In short: ignore, ignore, ignore.
Post removed. I apologize to veterans and to friends and families of veterans.
Yes, it must be a sign of the times that what appeared to be an indirect reference to the Jerk was really a self-directed satire on sometimes acting like a jerk sets me off like a dog whistle.  
i don’t really care for you as you come across some one who thinks they know everything that there is to know.......

so when i see the title of the thread and the OP happens to be you, i just don’t open it and read it.

i know that a lot of members like you and your thoughts / advice.....just not me.

definitely not trying to start anything , but you did ask
To quote Sheri Oteri on SNL: "Just SETTLE! Settle down now!”
There are more than enough jerks around here to keep us all entertained.