Am I shooting myself in the foot for convience?

I use my main mirage M5si speakers for both my 2 channel stereo and my 7.1 home theater set up systems. I do this via the niles model (speaker1) speaker selector. Each systems'power amp speaker cables go to the selector and the selector sends the signal from either system to the speakers.
I called niles and the tech said the unit should easily handle either amps' 200 or 250 watt outputs.I WONDER HOW MUCH SIGNAL DEGRADATION I'm really getting from the nile switch.Unfortunately all techs don't tell the truth!!

Any comments would be appreciated!!

Speaker-Level A-B Switcher
Replaces manually operated A-B switches
Switcher is activated by 12V DC signal

Not a signal-sensing switcher, if signal-sensing is required use the SAS-1 or ABS-1
Premium nickel-plated 5-way binding post connectors

Requires 12V DC adapter for stand-alone operation @100mA or can be triggered by an SAS-1, APC-2,
or IPC-6

Dimensions: 6-13/16" wide x 3-1/8" high
x 5-5/16" deep

Approximate shipping weight: 3 lbs

Stock #
FG00240 Black

try a simple A/B comparison Try it with the switcher and without the switcher and you should be able to tell if the tech was lying to you Greg