Am I missing something in the MFSL Tarkus LP

Yesterday I listened to my copy of the 200G LP of ELP Tarkus on MFSL.
Okay, I didn't listen to the whole Lp, but that was because I just got bored too soon. The sound of this LP sounded like any other poorly recorded 70's LP. Plus the music just didn't seem suited to the MFSL 200G process at all.
Maybe my system couldn't do it justice, or is this LP just totally unsuited for audiophile treatment?
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I think Tarkus is a great album but the Mofi version doesn't sound any better than the standard issue.
If the music is great I don't get bored even from the poor recording.
The original is not bad though and the remastered CD is pretty good too.
Yep, I'm OK with original that I bought from garage sale for $2. How much is MFSL-Tarkus?
Chances are your system was out of phase with then record.This would account for your comments. Want to know more about such stuff? Go to
That's the problem Marakenetz, the MFSL Lp costs about 20 times the original!
I just must be missing something, because most of the MFSL 200G's are awesome. This one just seems to be no better than any other 70's processed Lp. I checked the phase, tried playing it again and this time changing the phasing on the pre-amp. Nope that didn't do it, just not a good record to make an audiophile LP of IMHO.