Am I missing something?

I have a system that I consider wonderful. It consists of Musical fidelity A3.2cr amp/pre, cambridge audio d300se cdp, Music Hall mmf 2.1 turntable, and Monitor Audio Silver 4i speakers on custom stands. I know it is mostly a budget based system, and I have never heard of anyone else saying anything possitive about these speakers, but I couldn't point out a single thing that they do wrong. I have heard Martin logans, sonus faber, vienna accoustics, paradigm, athena, and some others, and I know this sounds crazy, but I like my $850 Monitor Audio Silver 4i's better than them all. I have a very long listening room (almost 30ft by 13ft, speakers on the short wall) and they fill the room with a very pleasant sound. I know there are better speakers out there, but if I was unsatisfied with the other speakers I mentioned, what speakers do you think would fit my listening taste? I know stereophile auditioned my amp/pre with Sonus faber cremonas and said that the combo was "one of the best", and I didn't get a chance to listen to the cremonas, so these may be a good choice. Any other suggestions?
I remember talking to Alan Kafton (the maker of The Cable Cooker and the Power Wing XP) and I mentioned that everytime I sit down and listen to my system I smile and say to myself "This really sounds good".

Alan asked me "What more could you ask for then?".

I was searching for speakers to replace my 1991 B&W Silver Signature's, just because I've had them for so long. I have yet to hear another pair of speakers that has made me put them up for sale on Audiogon. Is that bad? I don't really think so.

The only thing I would suggest, if you're itching to do something, is to get yourself some AudioPoints and coupling discs (to protect your furniture) from and place three spikes under each component. That includes between your speakers and the stands.

If you're looking to spend more money, believe it or not, the biggest upgrade to my system was Alan Kafton's Power Wing, Cleaning up the AC which lowers your noise floor allows you to hear things that you never even imagined.

The Monitor Audios are very good speakers. Why change anything if you're happy with them?
Yeah why change. I still have thoughts of downgrading my more expensive CD player to get a Jolida JD100. Just because the sound was so addicting. If you're happy don't upgrade.
You seem way too happy to need new speakers, if it isnt broke, dont fix may always regret it!
You are fortunate and probably not obesessive. I have fiddled with a system that grew to two systems then to three for about 5 years now. I experimented to find those things in audio whose sound was most pleasing to my ears. There is so much variety in the way designers think a piece should sound that it is easy to get sidetracked from where you thought you were going.

I started with a reciever and ended up with separates. I started SS and ended up with tubes. I have finally cornered the type of gear that reproduces music as it pleases me. Each step though has revealed a new level of pleasure in the fidelity of reproduced music. The journey has been been almost as pleasurable as the destination.

It is great that your system pleases you because that is really its sole purpose.
Seems like a consensus has been reached. Remember Dorothy!
Sks ...

Sometimes you just come across the product that does it for you ... all that you need to do is to tell the voice inside of your head to keep quiet.

Back in 2000, accessories4less,com was liquidating the entire line of the 1995 Acoustic Research 303 series speakers for 25 cents on the dollar and the 303 model had been rated Class D and the AR-1 (from the HO series) were rated Class B. Not shabby.

Great speakers, but the line was not a success and my guess is that the AR name and the retro, tradtitional speaker styling may have contributed. I went with the AR 302 at $250 a pair ($1100 list), which were the way to go. The 10" woofer, which goes down to 35hz, does not produce the bass over tones that the 12" woofer in the 303 does. Check out my Main/Living Room System for a picture.

In 6 years of listening to other speakers, at the same list price and much more (Vandeys, Totem, Thiel, etc,) only a $3000 pair of Focus FS78se has ever tempted me mightily to jump. But $250 versus $3000 .... geez, I think that my brains are still intact.

Of the new products made today, I feel very strongly that the Prima Luna tube amplifiers are in this bargain, hard to beat category.

Stay with your Monitor Audios. Their budget line Bronze series (#4's) received a ton of positive reviews in the British press about two years ago. The Silver Series are reputed to be much better. The MF 3.2 is a very elegant sounding, musical, and detailed sounding amp.

If you feel like you must spend money (it happens), the Music Hall MMF CD25 cd player would be a nice, cost effective, and sweet sounding upgrade. But why ... you're essentially satisfied.

Someday I'll know that I will change my speakers ... the day has just not come yet.

Regards, Rich
Another way of saying "the best is what the best for you".
I agree with all the above. If you "must" tinker, play around with tweaks and isolation devices.
It's an odd dynamic - We often sit in these forums and argue/agree on the merits and/or demerits of specific components but the truth of the matter is it has a lot more to do with the "system". I believe in "synergy". I once slammed B&W 804's because I thought they sounded shallow ... after taking my beating in this forum I went back and listened to different music on a different system and my opinion changed - in fact I couldnt believe I was listening to the same speakers. I will have a hard time saying anything bad about a specific component in regards to sound again.

Sounds like you have a great combination for whatever reason and I would keep it in tact: but I also like to play with tweeks. I like the idea of cleaning up the AC power. Isolation transformers can stablize voltage - filters can clean noise off the AC line and protect components.

Cables can make subtle differences as well - I found a used audio store in Portland OR (Echo HiFi) that will let me "try stuff out" at home before I buy. It's helped me make decisions and avoid a closet full of stuff that didnt work.
I don't think you are missing a thing. I have an old pair of Monitor Audio MA700 Gold speakers (6.5" two-ways with the gold tweeter). They are great. I have had them for about 12 years and never was really tempted to upgrade that part of my system. They are astoundingly good. Recently a woofer started to go bad on one. I am not sure what I will checking with MA the only option sounds like replacing both woofers at about $350 just for the drivers since the original speaker is no longer manufactured. This may drive me to change speakers, but without the "help" I would not consider changing them. I would probably have to spend at least $2-3k top make any real tangible improvement other than reinforcing the lower octaves. My opinion? Enjoy your good fortune in building a dynamic system that works.
Happy with what you've already got? Why... that's un-American! I suppose the emperor's not got any clothes, either?

Maybe what you need is the all new Class A VonGallo 397-Moons Audio Hype Machine (Reference Version). It performs auto-Fremerization and makes any $25,000 "budget" system sound like a $40,000 budget system, according to all the reviewers.
Wow, I don't remember a thread with such a strong consensus.

Creeper makes a good point. If you like what you have but feel like you want to better it. Do the "not so fun, at least for some people" stuff and work on speaker placement, room treatment, isolation, etc. It will make what you have better instead of changing the sound.

Another thing to do, especially with smaller speakers. If you like the sound of one pair, you'll love the sound of two. Try adding a 2nd pair upside down on top of the first pair. Creates a quasi-D'Appolito configuration without much phase cancellation problem if done carefully. There have been a few threads here on that. I have done quite a bit of experimenting with "speaker combining" this and I can say first hand, the results can be incredible.
I guess this brings me to another question. I know my room is less than desirable for speaker placement. It is "L" shaped. When facing my speakers, to the left of my left speaker it is open to my dining room. My right speaker is about a foot and a half away from the wall. That wall has 2 huge windows on it. What can I do to compensate for the large opening to the left? I have very large (floor to ceiling) curtains on the two windows on the right wall, I think that helps on that side. I'd prefer not to drape a curtain across my dining room. Any suggestions?
the monitors are great

You can experiment with room treatment, but I have the same situation now and I put panels on the side that is closest to the wall and no panels (absorbtion) on the other side since it goes to an opening and there are no reflections coming directly at me. Anyway, it still makes a balanced sound stage even they one side has more reinforcement.