Am I missing something?
O.K.- Just what the h**l is the above? Is it so obvious that I'm missing the point? Have I lost my sense of logic? Am I understanding correctly, that simply placing this 'alarm clock' somewhere in my listening room, I will hear improved sonics?
Tice Clock owners are all going to say, "Told ya!!!!"

Not really.
I think it's called the "placebo effect." This device or its predecessor, was introduced about 12 years ago, and was duly noted by the reviewers. Needless to say it never caught on . . . . .I wonder why.

Have you considered one of those "magic chips" to put on top of your CD player?
I actually have a bag of lizard bones I hang over my preamp , a Walrus uterus that I place in the corners of my listening room to draw unwanted energy from the sweetspot and I had corpse hair cross stitched into the lining of my subs for damping effects . Sadly , none of these Voodoo tweaks made any real improvements. The " clocks " however have made a startling change that even the jaded would at least ... have to admit makes a difference . This isnt the moment to digress on this accessory suffice to say I am for one , engaged with its effects at present. Maybe one should try a thing before dismissing a thing.
I agree with Nsgarch.

I don't believe that battery powered clock could provide any improvement in an audio system other than letting you know how long you've been listening.

There was a "plug in" clock sold by Tice some years ago. Tice also built power conditioning products, the most famous were the Power Block and Titan.

After all the overblown claims for the Tice clock, an engineer friend of mine took one apart and discovered it had a similar (but lesser) effect than Quiet Lines. Basically it was a clock with a cap and resistor that loaded the AC line, providing a small amount of noise reduction.

I find the Quiet Line filters to be more effective, especially if you use enough of them.
The real issue is does it work? How it works, if it does, could be scientific (physical) or psychological (metaphysics.) Science-based devices work better for me, because I can relate to that kind of "how." But I'm perfectly willing to accept that some folks operate on a different "plane" than I do, and to recognize that suggestion can be a very powerful thing indeed.
Before each listening session a 98 year old Japanese woman peforms Reiki therapy on my speakers, not to mention that my record brush is made from the hair of a 16th century Castrato. So I guess a clock doesn't seem _that_ insane.
Darn, Brainwater, I was hoping that my next upgrade, the walrus uterus, was going to be the ticket to finally get my system over the hump. You sure know how to rain on a guy's parade.

Oh well, back to the drawing board. Hey, there's always that jar full of rocks...
Just curious, when you did the hysterectomy on the walrus, did you leave the ovaries, and are you giving hormone replacement therapy if you did remove them? What's the current thinking on that?
Does that 98 year old woman have removable dentures?
not to mention that my record brush is made from the hair of a 16th century Castrato.
I don't think I'll be able to eat today.
Shades of P.T. Barnum. If Brilliant pebbles improve the room acoustics-would Dull boulders be better?

After isolating my transport with bagels I have noticed a substantial aroma in the midrange.
The dentures are in fact removable however she and I are , how do I put it .... currently inseperable . Also I used an ancient Kwang Fuue method of extraction in regards to the Walrus uterine removel technique whereby one violently and repeatedly forces said Walrus to watch uninterrupted viewings of Swept Away. The uterus removes itself. The ovaries stayed behind as re runs of Nip Tuck were scheduled for later in the evening. Finally , Grant , I will be over later with a plate of lasagna.
Mimberman at least it couldn't be pubic hair.
Little jars of rocks precicely placed on equipmnet that has bad Kharma can make a remarkable improvement.

So can inverting the phase of your plumbing.
Clever Little Clock

Check out the testimonials near the bottom of the page.

Quoting myself [Michael]
Well, Geoff, thought I'd let you know I just spent the afternoon and evening completely enraptured by the music my system is producing. Good job!" Michael, Sept 2005

I noticed the effect immediately after it was delivered by the postman and marveled. This despite the fact that the package had as yet not even been opened. Talk about being open to suggestion. ;-)

Can you imagine the disappointment and suffering of the postman?

For the very first time, the radio in his delivery truck was delivering great sound ! Then after the Clever Little Clock was put in the hands of the rightful owner.......... crap sound.

Poor guy, never even knew what hit him.
Believe me, Albert, I had considered that (the effect upon him) and would have liked to have talked to him the following day. :-)
If you think the clock is whacked, check out the post about the "metal chassis full of used electrons" Must be a full moon.
You know, first thing to come to mind was magic chips and jars of rocks. If it truly is THIS easy to make money.....
who knows? maybe I'll market audiophile beer- you know, 8 of these and you'll swear a whole system upgrade.You'll never want to go sober again...
Swampwalker, last time I laughed this much I was watching "Team America"
Wonder how much used electrons go for on the open market. Maybe an untapped energy source to help offset the $3 gasoline?