Am I having a problem with static?

I am very new to turntables. When I play a record the sound becomes quiet "fuzzy" at times. Sometimes it starts out fine to my ears but after a few sides the fuzziness becomes apparent. On one occasion when I went to lift the lever up to move the tonearm I got a brief spark (which was visible). I do use an antistatic brush on both sides of the record before playing.

The system is a Clear Audio Champion TT, Graham Robin arm, and Benz Glider cartridge.

Do you think it is static or something else? Should I purchase an antistatic gun (like the one UHF mag advertizes).

Digital sources through the rest of the system sound fine.

Thanks in advance.
Static depends on a lot of things (carpet, ventilation etc) but try keeping a moist sponge near the turntable, and also cover an old record in a piece of tin foil, and rest the record on it to remove the static (this is an alternative to the gun. If you buy a gun, remember to pull the trigger very slowly, and release slowly).
Dar Mmdecapo: Sometimes help to have grounded the TT. Try it.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Raul is correct. In addition, using a carbon fiber record brush is the best way to get static off the record but you must:

1.) Either hold the metal part of the brush and touch your other hand to a grounded knob or something grounded, OR
2.) Attach the metal handle of the brush itself to something grounded using a keychain, or flexible wire, etc.
Yes, Raul as usual is absolutely right. Check if your turntable and arm are grounded or not. I've got one tt with no ground, but managed to attach a ground to the bass of the spindle bearing. That helped with static.