Am I harming my amp?


I'm using the Kitsune Holosprings 3 and the Luxman L-507z via XLR cable. The DAC output is 5.8 volts and the Luxman accepts max 6 volts into the XLR connection PCM. Am I in danger over overdriving the amp? Ive done A/B testing using an RCA cable also. Output is lower but isnt as bass heavy as with the XLR . RCA DAC output is 2.9 volts.  Am I losing any quality using the RCA. The run is 3 feet or so. 


@paqua123 I have an Audio Holo May KTE and had the same concerns when I bought it. I've used it directly into my RAAL Requisite VM-1a headphone amp with balanced connections and am also using it in a Holo Audio Serene KTE preamp the same way with zero problems. Everything sounds amazing! no overloads at all.

What im using is a HifiRose RS250a streamer into a kitsune holoaudio spring 3 DAC via USB then to the Luxman L-507z via balanced cables..then out to Klipsch Cornwall IVs. So far so good !

BTW does anyone know if Luxman uses differential signals on their balanced inputs.