Am I going to regret the Gallo 3.1s?

I am not rich. I am college student that doesnt have a ton of money and love music. It all started years ago with and the purchase of the Onix SP3/Reference 1 combo. Over the years, I have loved the combo but wanted to move into a more dynamic full range speaker... Years went by and as the Gallos came out, there was something about the design that just sucked me in, making me really want a pair. The problem was, they were just waaaay too expensive. Well, times have changed and I now have the money to finally get my hands on a pair for under 2k. My question is... is it too late? Are they outdated? Is there "something better" for the money now?

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If you just want some more bass you may want to consider just adding a powered subwoofer. Unless you are unhappy with the overall sound of your current speakers. This way you do not have to worry about changing your amp to accommadate the new speakers.

If you do buy a sub don't cheap out buy the best you can afford.
So you just want more dynamics. I have only heard the Gallo 3.1 once at a dealer and did not find them overly dynamic. Could be they were not paired with the right gear to get the best out of them though.

I would go listen to whatever speakers that are available locally. Your amp is small enough to bring with you. Any decent hifi shop will let you listen with your amp. Other wise you are just taking a gamble on something you have not heard.

Try to seek out speakers with higher effiency for more dynamics. High effiency speakers should mate better with your amp as well. Some examples are Zu and Tekton.