Am I going to regret the Gallo 3.1s?

I am not rich. I am college student that doesnt have a ton of money and love music. It all started years ago with and the purchase of the Onix SP3/Reference 1 combo. Over the years, I have loved the combo but wanted to move into a more dynamic full range speaker... Years went by and as the Gallos came out, there was something about the design that just sucked me in, making me really want a pair. The problem was, they were just waaaay too expensive. Well, times have changed and I now have the money to finally get my hands on a pair for under 2k. My question is... is it too late? Are they outdated? Is there "something better" for the money now?

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10' x 9' is far too small for any serious audio.

Sorry to have to say this - but good audio requires SPACE. The room is easily the most important component, and 10x9 is the equivalent of a busted tweeter and broken cabinet in rooms.

For anything better than marginal sound, a lot of square footage is required. 400+ square feet ideally, otherwise it will be a fight with the room. 200 sqft is the minimum that I would even attempt to work with, and then only with small monitors and maybe a small sub.

With 10 x 9 the room is going to make such an unrecognizable mess that it won't be worth the effort. Soundstaging and imaging will be junk, and your frequency response will be +/- 10DB all over.

You will be much more satisfied with a nice pair of headphones and a quality headphone amp.

When you get a bigger room, look into speakers.
01-23-12: Vedder323
Goat, Nope. Wrong. Thanks for playing though.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news man, but we are talking about high-fidelity, and you can choose to ignore the facts and have bad sound, but in a closet sized room of 10 x 9 good sound is unfortunately not an option.

Best of luck anyway