Am I going to blow the Gallo A'divas

Hi all,
I am in the process of building a gallo surround sound system. I have 3.0 in front, Ref AV center for center, and I would like to put the A'divas in the rear. My concern though is they will be hooked up to an Emotiva XPA-3 which outputs 300 watts into 4ohms. I will be crossing over the a'divas at 80hz but am I just asking to blow these or can they handle it?
I think more speakers are blown by over-pushing lower powered amps than by clean higher power amps. I drove my A'Divas with a 100 watt Marantz receiver and the volume got louder than I could take before they showed any sign of failing. I just upgraded to Ref AVs across the front. I would try it and use a little discretion until you confirm how much they can take.
I agree with the above post...Low power amps driven into clipping cause excessive distortion, which is what does the most damage to drivers. With 300 w.p.c on tap, and setting the crossover going into the amp at 80hz, it is very unlikely that you will damage the speakers at any sane level.
Your speakers will be fine. But if you could swing the Stradas instead it would be worth it, they are much better than the A'Divas...

Do you have any idea how loud that will be before they would overload? Ouch!
Or the Dues. I have a pair of Dues that I used before I found the Ref AVs. Not sure if I should move them to the rear or sell them. I don't have 300 wpc, so A'Divas should be fine for my rears.
As always this will depend on room size and playback levels, but...

I used the A'diva as rear speakers a while back. It was a large room and SPLs got big on occasion. They never complained or sounded overworked. Personally, I'd tend to disagree on spending more for rear speakers, unless you really do need more max output capability (or prefer the aesthetics). I've never heard a ton of benefit from better rear speakers in any of my multi-channel systems over the years. Just MHO.