Am I going to blow somthing up?

I have 6 speakers wired in the ceiling of my home. Each pair has a volume control in the wall. I have two 5 channel carver amps. I have an old reciever which I am using the passive outputs and 2 Y cables ( each side ) to split the left and right channels 3 times. So that I can run each channel through my amps. Will this be o.k. especially when I turn off the volume on one of the wall controllers? Thanks for the help. I hope I am clear enough in the noob explanation!
As far as I can tell it will be ok, unless we are both unclear of whats whats, you only split the signal to amp inputs correct? If all channels are wired to a individual channel it will be great, some wire series or parallel with just one stereo amp so you better off than that.
Thanks for the response Chadnliz! That is correct on the wiring.I just split the signal to the amps. So I could have 6 channels.

Before I had 2 channels from the reciver, no amps, into a room selector. That sent the signal to each of the 6 speakers

My home was pre built with a "speakercraft s4 multi room speaker selector" Do you know anything about those? I was worried that when I took it out and used my set up there could be a problem using the volume controls on the walls.

Thanks agian for the help.
I dont know that model but its just like most other speaker boxes, you will be fine.
Ok, thanks for your help. I am up and running.