Am I going sideways?

Hi all,
Fist post, so pleae be gentle. I have an original Townshend Rock circa 86-87 which I'm looking to offload. I'm considering a SOTA Sapphire (which I had previously, and loved)or a HW19 Mk 3 as a replacement. Will the changeover yield any benefits or should I stay where I am? I would be using A Dynavector XX on a RB300 on either set up, which also exists now on the Rock. Please advise
Why buy another Sapphire? The vacuum system of a SOTA Star would be a definite improvement.
the saphire is a tiny step up from the rock, but hardly worth the money, if the rock is in great operating condtion and still does it for you.
Also am considering a vpi hw19jr upgraded. Is this more of a step up? The rock is in great working order, but am finding a bit flat sounding in my system. The rock is only the base model as it was produced in 1987. Have not been using the trough as i find it too fiddly
What's the rest of your system? You've got a *great* cart, your arm is decent, and I'm only familiar with your tt through name. You could throw a lot of money at your system and not (in fact, never) overtake your cartridge. In particular, perhaps your phonostage would be a better upgrade then your tt-at least, a better choice than the two decks you're looking at.

Saying that, the HW19 is a lively deck that might provide some needed PRaT to your system. I don't share the same enthusiasm that you do with the SOTAs but then, that's me.

And don't forget-since you're buying used, you're looking at more of a long term, low-dollar-outlay audition for these TTs than a real purchase-you can always re-sell for *at least* close to your purchase price.
I have a Musical Fidelity X-LP phono stage with a Krell 300i integrated amp, wiring escapes me re manufacturer but it is a godd quality ribbon wire with gold interconnects, speakers are Duntech Regents, so overall, reasonably modest but suits me well at this point in time. BTW PRaT?
If you're staying with your other components a SOTA Star vacuum would be a very real upgrade. Even with the vacuum I would still recommend the addition of the SOTA clamp.

I wouldn't go too high up the ladder with the Dynavector and Rega though.

I've owned 3 SOTAs and a couple of other tables. I own a Sota Nova (latest version) now and am extremely pleased.
I used to own a vaccuum table from SOTA. IME, the SOTA vaccuum system imparts a very particular quality vis a vis any other TT I've heard. (These include non-vaccuum SOTAs, and many others - but not any vaccuum systems from any company other than SOTA). Many people love it, others (me included) not so much. This is not a pick or a pan. I'm merely advising that vaccuum hold down is one feature on a TT that -IMHO- must be auditioned before purchase.

"I wouldn't go too high up the ladder with the Dynavector...."

Whaaa? The XX is a fantastic cart, one that I'd wager could hold it's own with any deck and arm!

I'm going to assume you meant the DV as mated to the Rega, with which I might agree...

Oh, and Rotur, 'PRaT' is an acronym for 'pace, rhythm, and timing'. Here's a pretty good explanation.
Johnbrown. Yea. You're correct. I was referring to the match up of the DV to the Rega. The DV is a very good cart. I find the Rega combination weak relative to the capability of the DV.
Dear Rotur: If I was you my first " move/step " will be to change the RB-300 for a better quality tonearm that can match your XX cartridge and after this I will think in a better phono stage before a new TT.

regards and enjoy the music.
Raul...I think that's wise advice.
Eventually, I will upgrade the arm etc, but I did notice that when I had the original SOTA Sapphire, there was a life and presence(accentuated mids?)compared to the Rock which has been far less engaging for me with the same arm/cart set up. Frankly, I'm also over the looks of the Rock from an aesthetic point of view. Thank you all for the valuable input so far.