Am i going crazy

I usually listen to my NHT super twos with and audiosource amp two. I switch amps just as a test, with the vintage marantz model 140, and i loved it. More bass, and exciting, it just seemed more intense. It may be coloration, i dont know. I know audiosource isnt the best amp , but i know its good for the money, an i'm by far dont have an audiophile mega budget. please comment.
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Hi, Yamski. Go with what you like. You have already decided whioh amp you prefer. Just relax and enjoy. Happy listening. cheers, bluenose
I couldn't agree with Bluenose more! I spent many years with a system I didn't like, all because I upgraded to componants that did sound better than what it was replacing, but it still wasn't what I was looking for.

Over the past few years I have achieved a level of performance I am happy with, but until then, I was happier with my little Denon integrated I had in the 80's, which a friend is still using; it wasn't as detailed as what I replaced it with, but I enjoyed the music.

Don't get caught up in "names".
BTW, some of the vintage stuff is very cool looking!
Now you need a vintage Marantz tuner like the 2110, 2120, 2130, 10B or another. Bluenose said, go with your impressions. Don't be too surprised about the vintage amp either. Many of those old amps are built much much better than any of the newer amps in the same price range. Manufacturing went way down hill in the early 80s.
Try the new Audio Source amps based on the Tripath computer
technology. Doubt you can get a better amp for the money.
Amp 7T.
Tripath based amps will take the market by storm in the next couple of years. You watch.
No, you're definitely not going crazy, Yamski. Rather, you have just been introduced to the realm of vintage audio gear lust; a very legitimate alternative/opposite end of the spectrum to chasing the so-called latest and greatest. Why not just sit back for a while and ENJOY the fruits of your happenstance. Next thing you know, you might just find yourself itching to log onto the Asylum's "Vintage" forum at,
Good listening!
No reason not to go with what you like. There's enough hokus-pokus in this business, not to mention phenomena which we lack the technology to understand, that you can't always predict what will work well. But yes, you are going crazy (trust me, I'm a shrink - we're all going...)