Am I Getting Soft Here?

I’ve just been loving my stereo lately, this despite the fact everything is far from bank-breakingly expensive and is, well, at least a few years old. Right now I’m streaming CD quality music from Idagio and the sound is just glorious. Timbres are lovely. Sure, I’m listening to a modest. perhaps a ten person Baroque chamber ensemble, but there’s a convincing sense of image, dynamics and space. I’m not in the first row of the venue but I’m far from the nosebleed section or hidden in a corner. Hoping I’m not cursing things with this post!

NOLA Boxer Speakers. Primaluna Integrated amp. Cambridge Audio streamer. Interconnects, etc., at a similar quality level. But yeah, I was able to build my listening room pretty much to audiophile precepts, and everything is painstakingly positioned.


There’s something partibularly satisfying about making the "right" decisions that have stood the test of time. Each time we purchase something new, we also have to face the reality that it could have been a poor decision. Over time those decisions are vailidated and our anxiety level decrease incrementally to the point where, in the OPs case, we are totally relaxed with the decision(s).

After retirement, my service tech of 25 years and I spend one day a week trying to prevent disfunctional old audio gear from going into the dumpster. The owners of the gear have very common attributes -- a strong emotional attachment to (generally, mid-fi) gear, and a satisfaction level that’s off the charts. I’m not going to be the guy that goes around bursting bubbles, and "educate" them that their fretwood grille Pioneer speakers are covered up, or the musicality of their Realistic receiver is at 2.7 on the 10 scale. Or, the Sony CD changer’s built-in DAC is generations behind in technology, or their amp's attached power cord is inadequate for a 2-sliced toaster -- much less a serious piece of audio gear, or their idle-wheeled, rim drive Garrard is antiquated. Seeing these guys and gals tear up when lights come back on and music starts playing through their prized possessions makes my day as well.

Thanks for the post. As much as I like the smell of burning hot rebuttals in the morning (they pair well with coffee), this was refreshing.

All the best,

An old audio dude in Missouri.

@larry5729 I think the group is very diverse. I have a gate keeper too and the only way I can upgrade is if I sell my old gear. I regularly have to defend myself like "I sold this for $600, please don’t nag me for buying a used turntable for $610".

I still remember talking to a sales guy in the city’s top hifi store on Boylston Street back in Boston, and that I asked:
"who buys 4000 dollar speakers?"
He said: "You".
I replied: "I just bought 400 dollar speakers and it’s the most money I spent on stereo, or more than all the money I spent, combined.
"Not today. You will buy this in 20 years for sure, you will keep upgrading"

That was 25 years ago. and he was right about the upgrades. I took a break from audio until my kids grew up, and now I am back to upgrading and tweaking again.
I am far from buying $4000 speakers (at today’s prices probably $8000) but accomplishing a lot with used gear.
There are high spenders who sell their equipment at steep discounts when they upgrade that lets my strict-budget type experience the next step up in sound quality

...everyone’s playing nice on a beautiful Sunday (at least, here..*S*), nice change from the sturm und drang...;)

I enjoy the odd pile of mine, incremental adds ’n subtracts as the muse and situational fate occurs. Since all of this effects 5 separate ’systems’ of varied capabilities in different situations, the meager budget allows for little but can improve one or the other a lot....

All boats rise on the average. *G* Each has it’s strengths and weakness’, but I push the awesome level up on each in it’s turn.

Picked up a raw 15" AR woofer @ Habitat the other weekend, likely dumped by a pushed-in dust cap....we’ll see where it can play within a swarm project pending.

....can’t resist the orphans....*L*

Will a new power cord help me? Perhaps....if I get a half-dozen of them....

Would rather upgrade all the ICs’, which would likely toast a K$ to do so.
So, it can wait. *L*

Think I’ll buy a Lotto tix, 1+B$ in my hands would be terrifying even to me. *L* And I’m overdue for being lightning struck, although a real one is more likely. ;)

A pleasant remains of the day to all, J

Enjoy the local time warp....

I can easily understand your enjoyment of present system. I used  a variety of Alon speakers for well over ten years. Also owned PrimaLuna amp rather recently, Alon/Nola and PL all very nice equipment, good for you!

Nothing soft about achieving one’s goals.   Especially when done cost effectively. Well done!   Just sit back now and smell the roses.