am i done ?

My system consists of ,Ayre amp and preamp with a pair of sonus cremona speakers, all cabled with analysis plus big silver oval speaker and interconnects. my system was a little dark and this combo put me in a good place.
But recently i upgraded to the ayre c5xemp cd player and found it a bit bright, so i switched to a set of cardas golden reference interconnects.not only did they take the edge off, but i was shocked that they also made my player sound so much better.
im very happy with the way things are sounding now, but cant help but wonder if i am missing something, and should continue to switch. its mostly a cost issue. those cardas cables are not cheap.
Not Yet!

You have not mentioned:

Power cords, room treatment, isolation devices, power distribution, power conditioning and regeneration, fuses, shorting caps, cable risers, dedicated power lines, upgraded caps, head phones, turntable, arm, cartridge, phono pre-amp, phono cables, room EQ and measurement software, equipment rack, hearing evaluation .....

You are just getting started my friend!
If you like the way your system sounds then why not sit still for awhile and enjoy what you have. The constant turning will drive you nuts and possibly away from the hobby.

But to answer your question I am not sure one is ever done.
"am I done?"

Very funny.
Of Tom6897's long list, I'd suggest room treatment and power conditioning in particular.
Id say you're done if you like what you hear. Not all rooms need treatment and getting too far into audiophelia is just a waste of time and money. My room is treated perfectly with the furniture and rugs and books etc. Don't look for faults, they'll find you. If they don't you don't have any in your room. If you want to try power cords try Morrow. They have a 60 day trial. You have a killer system.
this hobby is a disease...but its still fun. we are never done unless you run out of money!!!
I'd say you got lucky with the Cardas. It sounds like you hit on a winning combination.
If your ayre c5xemp is not completly broken in yet , you may still move back to AP cables.
i may try the cardas between amp and preamp,if i find a set at a price. but as i sit here listening to a sacd of elton johns tumbleweed connection, im pretty taken.
yes it is an addicting hobby,
Sing along to the Carpenters hit: "You've only just begun...."