Am I doing this right?

I can't tell if I am vert. or horz. bi amping my system or none of the above. I'm using a Redgum 6 ch. home theater amp, 150 watts per channel, Anthem AVM 2 pre, Osborn Grand Monument Reference speakers, various cables. I've split the right channel from the pre, and each "leg" goes to a seperate channel on the amp. One channel then goes to the high binding posts on the right speaker, another goes to the low posts. The same thing goes for the left channel. In effect then, there are four seperate amps, four interconnects, four speaker wires, one for each of the highs and lows for each speaker. By the way, I am only using this as a 2 channel system, no more home theater. I've tried reading the archives but only got myself more confused. I just want to make sure there is not something I'm missing.
Sounds right to me. You might want to put a resistor across the unused channel of the amp so it sees a small load. You don't want to have it just sitting there.
Prpixel: can you elaborate on that? I have a 2/ch amp that cannot be bridged, and when I enquired with the manufacturer about using a single amp channel to power my center speaker in my HT, I was told that it would not be a problem and no adjustments/tweaks were necessary. So I now have the unused channel "just sitting there."
The unused channel should be no problem, it will have no input connected. Just make sure that your speaker cables are hooked to the right amp connections so as to match the inputs from your pre.

Dave: Got it. Thanks.
Thanks everyone. I guess I should have asked before hooking everything up. This stuff is too expensive to just be experimenting.