Am I doing my speakers Justice?

I have a pair of Revel Ultima Salons that I recently purchased. I am running these with a Theta Dreadnaught 200wpc. Do I need more power? I was thinking about a pass labs x350.
I believe the Dreadnaught is an excellent amp. Have you gotten it to clip in your system/room? The X350 is excellent! You might not need that much power...
YES, I am serious, I prefer quality over quantity in an amp. You might be able to go to an X250 & never need more power.
Remember, there is a school of thought that argues bigger amps with more output devices are inherently less closely matched than the same amp design with less output devices (transistors). Also, the Pass amps have only 2 gain stages, that's another reason they sound so good.

Do you run out of power? Maybe you just want to change the sound?

I've never listened to them, but if I recall correctly, the Salons are not a very efficient speaker.

Regardless, a speaker of the Salon's caliber can always use more power unless your already have about 700 wpc. The 200 wpc that you currently have is probably minimally sufficient. Though, some may say 50 wpc is enough.

Isn't the Dreadnaught a 5 channel amp? If so, and if the Salons are bi-amp'able, why not give that a whirl?
No, I have not got it to clip. I heard a pass demo at a local spot that builds their own speakers and the sound was to die for. I know that my revels are a better speaker and I just want to get everything that I can out of them. Thank for all of your replies.
I'm using a PASS Labs X150 to power 86db and 4ohm speakers with thrilling results. The X150 shares innards with the X350.
What were the components that were driving the Revel's, that made you want the Revel's in the first place? Just trying to find your starting point system characteristics. I know the Revel's can be a bit analytical.