Am I doing it right

Hello all, I am a newb to turntables, I have been slowly collecting the stereo system over the last few years. I finally picked up a TT 2 months ago, a rega p-24 with a Fidelity Research MKIII. The FR MKIII is a MC puts out .14 mv and has 10 ohms of impedence. I picked up a Fidelity Research FRT-3 to step it up, it has a 10 and 30 ohms and pass, so then I picked up a Vincent PHO-8 with a mm and a mc button. Vincent stats are
Gain: 40dB, moving magnet; 60dB, moving coil
Input Impedance: 47k ohm, moving magnet; 100 ohm, moving coil.
My question has to do with the right setting, I thought that the step up set to 10 ohms and the pre set to MC seems to be the right choice, but it is not nearly loud enough to play. It sounds great in MM mode and the transformer at 10 ohms. I guess that the vincent is causing the transformer problems in MC mode. Any thoughts? Is it OK to run in MM, did I do a bad job of matching, what would be better?
System: 125 watt marantz amp and 604 s3 b&w speakers
I'll throw this out there because it's as much a question from me to the more knowledgeable as it is an answer for you:
I thought you would use a SUT if your phono preamp did not have MC capability.
So in this case, either SUT to MM setting on the pre, or no SUT and MC setting on the pre. Correct?
The stepup transformer should absolutely be used with the moving magnet setting on the Vincent, not the moving coil setting. Using the moving coil setting will cause the cartridge to see a load impedance of a fraction of 1 ohm, which is the reason for the low volume you experienced. Paradoxically, it will also result in too much overall gain.

That is all explained in this article, which is lengthy but provides a lot of good information.

Also, I suspect that it would be within reason to try the 30 ohm position of the FRT-3, and choose whichever of the two positions sounds better. Trying that position won't do any harm, although I would not change the setting while the system is powered up, or at least without first turning the volume control all the way down.

You'll find yourself turning the volume control up a little higher in the 30 position, btw, which might slightly increase background hiss.

It might also be worth trying the Vincent's moving coil setting without the transformer, or with the transformer in pass-through mode.

-- Al
Hi Sebrof,

Yes, that's correct, except that it's conceivable that better sonic results would be obtained by using the SUT and the MM setting, compared to using no SUT and the MC setting. Which is why I suggested trying all of the possible configurations.

For one thing the SUT provides two possible load settings (approximately 37 and 118 ohms, as shown in the reference I provided), rather than a single 100 ohm value. It wouldn't surprise me if the 37 ohm value (corresponding to the setting on the transformer labelled "10 ohms," that number presumably referring to recommended cartridge impedance as opposed to load impedance) provides best results.

Also, of course, the phono stage could conceivably provide better sonics in its MM mode than in its MC mode.

Best regards,
-- Al
Thanks for your help, ohms make my head hurt.

The guy I bought it from said a step up was a good idea for this cartridge. I think it has the lowest output you might find, .14mv, and because of that you have to step it up or sometimes the phono amp won't pick it up. Step ups amplifiy the signal with the less distortion than the phono pre. At least that is what I have read.
Let me ask the experts, Do these pieces match well or should I go a different way?