Am I being fair?

Recently I posted a add on Audiogon for a VAC amplifier, in the add I stated "preference given to local buyer", the amp is heavy and it's stressful sending gear across the US, even when it's insured. What happened, the first day of posting the add, I had many reposes, and a local gentleman was #10 of the people who were interested in the amp, he stopped by my house and bought it right away. When I informed some of the other e-mailers to the add, the amp was sold, some were upset, saying I should sell to the first person who contacted me. I never made any commitments to selling the amp to any of the e-mailers. Couple of the people are threatening to give me a negative feedback. Should we sell to the first person who responds to the add? Just wanted a opinion from other member if they have come across this situation also, thanks.
You did nothing wrong and if the communication is as you say it is, (1) they'd have NO reason to post a negative and (2) IMO - according to audiogons guidelines, there is nothing that would support a negative post.
Ask them if they are familiar with the term, "pound sand!"?
1) Feedback is transactional based, it is not: "I saw it first" based. Not to over look the fact that anyone that would make such a statement is displaying a good indication of why exactly you never wanted to deal with them anyway...

2) Your ad stated you preferred a local buyer (per your thread here). You found a local buyer. This is about as cut and dry as it gets. Forget "Fair". You are simply correct per your stated terms.
Don't have too much time to offer an opinion but I think you were fair advising within your ad your preference for a local buyer. And I believe that any feedback, positive or negative, can only be given based on how a deal transpired. As you had no deal or transaction with these other buyers negative feedback would not be within the rules. Watch your rating and advise Audiogon if negatives appear.
You were absolutely fair. Don't worry about it.
Well, I doubt your problem was a necessary result of your local-preference policy. I get the impression that you executed it less than tactfully, (e.g. How did they know what position in line they were for it? And why are there a FEW of them threatening?) There shouldn't be negative feedback, but hopefully you'll adjust your execution next time. Selling can be a little tricky.
Ohlala: If you read Paul's post and take him at face value, how did he execute less than tactfully? He may have said in his response to the e-mails that the buyer was not the first to respond, but that he was local. By stating in the ad a preference for a local buyer, he covers that. As a seller, I have no obligation to sell to the first guy that responds; if I have a bad feeling about a response (no feedback, negative feedback, wacky questions, etc) I'll wait for someone I feel comfortable with. There's an expression in the business I work in that I kind of like; it goes "it's not yours to buy, it's his (or hers) to sell.
The first person with the money wins; thats it. Unless you promised it to somebody else or were holding it for somebody; oterwise don't worry about.

A few months ago I responded to an ad and was told by the seller that he had received so many responses he was going to turn it into an all out bid with the unit going to the highest bidder. I was somewhere in the middle of the responses so I bowed out. I informed him that this was not good practice and that he should consider each offer in the order received. He was a pretty nice guy and a bit overwhelmed by the situation so I just let it slide, but he said there were many upset people.

Paul, your situation isn't the same as the one I described. You were quite clear in your ad and haven't done anything wrong. Rest easy.
People don't read the descriptions...You could say it is in orbit and you would still get questions about the shipping costs.

While a "few" does sound fishy, it's your deal and you call the shots. You did list the preferred sale method, so that's it. Local sales are great, less headaches. While I do hate seeing "local sale only", such is life.

Some buyers seem to think that we are all professional sellers, and not the guy next door. We are not to be held to the same criteria.

Feedback is for after funds exchange hands, that's it. No exceptions. I would love to leave feedback about potential buyers "This guy sounds like a real idiot" but that's not what it is for.

There's a couple of times that I WISHED that I had sold to a local buyer.

More power to ya!
Hdm - Because sellers can and often do handle the same policy so buyers don't complain.
Yes, you are being fair.
per audiogon guidelines feedback can only be given when a transaction has taken place- in this instance only the person that actually bought the amp can leave feedback. You have the right to sell to anyone you want to- if the first person to respond has negative feedback you are not obligated to sell to them, for example. The fact that you clearly stated in your ad preference given to local buyer should be self explanatory- I think you went out of your wat to be fair- I've made offers on gear for sale and never even received a response [not lowball offers, some for full asking price]. When you sell a popular item at a good price there will always be people who miss out- you can't please everybody. That's the long version- short answer to your question- yes, you are being fair. The people threatening to leave negative feedback are not being fair.
You get to define what is "local." (City, county, state, region, etc.) In this case, local was your front door.
I had 2 AGers recently agree to buy, only to change their minds within 24 hours. Don't let them lay a guilt trip on you.
Cash is King! I sell cars for a living. (Porsche, Audi, BMW).Do you know how many promises are made to buy a car "next week" and never materialize? Whoever writes a check first wins.
I think if you say "or best offer" that can also absulutely imply that the best offer might be higher than the original number - and you can put the offer to folks in order. it depends on how you word it of course.
Hello Paul:

If you want and prefer to sell to a local buyer or one willing to drive to get the item so be it. I do business here the same way, and I've driven as far as Harrisburg PA from central Mass for items I liked. I sold two sets of Infinity RS1b to a guy in Michigan, he drove here twice!
Don't let a non-buyer threaten you with bad feedback.

your fine, you excepted no offer, you stuck to what your posting said - prefer local- and sold to the first real offer with cash

doesn't get any better than that

it is the people writing you that have the problem

have a good day and don't sweat it

Not a problem on your end (I read the ad which was crystal clear).

Hope the "children" involved do leave (-) feedback (which can be removed) so that I may make note and stear clear of them on future transactions (they would seem to be both petty and clueless and you are fortunate not to have done business with them, IMO).

Count your blessings.
Let us know who these members are who are threatening negative feedback on you so we can all avoid them.
Don't worry about it. What ever you did that some people might consider unfair (probably self-servingly) is NOTHING compared to what goes on every day in the "Wild Wild West" of the internet...
This is absolutely fair. It is reasonable to favor a local buyer to avoid risk, headache, etc of shipping heavy equipment across country. I will probably do that when I get ready to sell my speakers. As the seller, you have the right to sell to whomever you are most comfortable dealing with. Just because someone across the country was the first one to respond to your ad does not mean that they suddenly have some sort of right to force you to make the sale if you haven't accepted their offer.