am/fm/CD in-dash for car?

My in dash am/fm/CD just died. It was nothing special... a $100 Clarion unit that did the job. I'll need to replace it.

The best I've had over the years was a Nakamichi unit about 7 years back.

Don't want to spend more than $300 max.

Any recommendations other than the Alpine route that I envision I may be heading down?
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I see an Alpine in your future. Used to sell car audio. Alpine head units were the best.

Don't know if Eclipse (by Fujitsu) is still in the biz, but IMO, they beat Alpine by more than a bit.
Done deal.

I picked up last years model Alpine at Best Buy today new on clearance and got a very good deal compared to this year's model.

Should be a step up from the Clarion + keep me going for awhile.

Hope you enjoy your 'Pine. With some 15" Kickers, Fosgate amps, some large capacitors, and an extra battery, you can be heard a half mile before you arrive.
It's in. Very nice! Lots of pretty, bright, flashing lights and features! Easy to use. Sounds pretty good. Definitely worth $120.