AM Antenna

Hi all,
Looking for some suggestions for an AM antenna.
I just picked up a vintage NAD 4155 tuner and it could use a better antenna.
I use the Terk Advantage. It works well but the drawback is you have to adjust it when you switch stations.
I have a Radio Shack AM antenna (loop about 1 ft in diameter encased in plastic. Like the Terk above it must be fine tuned to the station selected by the rotation of a dial. It can be hard wired to an am antenna input or just set next to the am tuner. WAG, they don't make them any more. :-(

But if that is the case Google up Crane - they sell a lot of radios and, last time I was there they had a very similar product.

BTW, it works! I'm using mine next to my Tivoli radio.
CC Crane has a powered adjustable AM antenna. I ordered the cable extension and put it near my window.
C. Crane twin coil ferrite.
G'day if you can do simple DIY work a tuned loop AM antenna is highly recommended. I have built several for different receivers and their performance is incredible. This reference gives excellent details of contruction. I built mine on a triangular wooden frame with each side about 24 inches long. Regards, Fap.