AM and FM antenna systems

I am trying to help an older couple achieve much better reception for both AM and FM on their stereo receiver. They listen on their main floor and have no upstairs or attic space is available for antenna placement. A roof-mounted antenna is not feasible.

Have any of you had any positive experiences with AM or FM antenna systems that would help them?



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There are some excellent indoor antennas that won't break the bank that will require a few feet of cable and a stable place to rest. GOOGLE indoor antennas. FM antennas are much easier to find than AM units.
Usually, the most minimal antenna is hugely better than no antenna, for FM.  After that, the gains achieved with better and better antennae are incremental at best and very much related to one's location.  For AM, I've never messed around much.
Assuming the tuner has a connection for an external AM antenna and given the wavelengths involved the best option would be an Old School "long wire" antenna. This consists of 50' to 100' of copper antenna wire strung between two insulators outdoors. As a kid I had two of these strung at right angles that I could switch between. Rotating a "long wire" for best reception would be difficult. ;~)

A simple dipole usually works well for FM.