Always On?

I've was given a suggestion that by leaving audio equipment always ON will result to better quality sound.
I have hybrid amp (tube preamp and solid state amp) and I am not sure if I could do it safely for vacume tubes... As I understand the tubes have limited hours life. If I would keep an amp always ON the tubes will be On too. How long would they last if running them 24 hours a day 7 days in week. By saying "to keep them ON" I mean not simply keeping amplifier plugged to electric outlet but by never pushing Power ON/OFF button off. How many of you never turn the tube audio equipment off?
P.s. I've been rereading a user manual for my tube phone moving coild pre preamp (Music Reference) where its manufacturer suggests the same thing - for best performance always to keep it ON.
If the hybrid amp were mine I would leave it switched on all of the time unless leaving the area for more than a couple of days.if tube life is shorter than you are happy with,you could always fit a standby relay and switch interupting the B+ power to the tube section so that the solid state amp and the tube heaters stay on all of the time keeping the amp close to operating temperatures with less risk.
Search the archives as this subject has been covered many times in the past. However,I would turn it off when not listening for extended periods say overnight. You will lower your tube life substantially by leaving it on all the time.

If your equipment has tubes you have to turn it off when you're not listening to it.
Having patience to worm it up for 10min before listening will save you a tube life and equipment in general when tubes go bad without your presence.
After you will PLAY MUSIC for another 20 min, in the most cases you will rich the best point of a performance.
Leave it on. the power draw on the preamp tubes is minimal with no signal passing through and the sound is much better with the amp stable and at operating temperature.
Here's Cary Audio's take on the subject.

The main point is is to turn equipment off when it's not attended i.e. overnight and when you're not continuousely listening.
Depending on the circuit designs, the bad tube coud cause further circuitry damage if not monitored ontime. Bad tube can also cause a fire danger.
Leaving the units on 24/7 may improve a sound quality but safety will suffer substantially more than the tube life.