Alvin Lee

Has anyone heard what really killed Alvin Lee? I am so angry and upset about this great guitar player's passing that i'm still in shock 1 week later.Alvin could shred a guitar like no one else could. What a tragic loss.
I believe complications from minor surgery..most likely heart failure..RIP
I never did hear. But as a side note I heard yesterday that Peter Green (founder of Yes) was found dead in his home Sunday, apparently from a heart attack.
Back to Alvin Lee all I found is it was complications from surgery.
Sorry Peter Banks, not Green, guess I had Fleetwood mac on the brain.
pretty usual thing: minor surgery --> blood infection(possible translation to complications) --> amba.
publishing with general statement in order to keep particular uninformed isn't technically a lie but looks like one to me.
I've heard the same thing. Not only did I get to meet and spend a little time with Alvin Lee back in the 70's I used to listen to his music on a daily basis for decades. It's the main reason I have a Linn TT. I have a lot of his music and love they way the band really never needed a studio for much, and sounded so fantastic live. A tragic loss. RIP
I'm with you Rosco, one of my all time favs.
A routine surgery in a Spanish hospital can apparently be a death-defying event. Too bad, he was terrific.
Not just in Spain--ask Andy Warhol (and many others)

A hospital is no place to be if you're sick--or healthy.