Alto Utopia to Scala Utopia V1, worth the difference?

I have been in the market to upgrade my mains and push my current Focal 926s to the rear surround position.

There are a couple of threads in this forum that discuss the Alto Utopia Bes and the Scala Utopias, but I'm looking for some additional guidance.

I have found pairs of both and negotiated as much as I could...the difference in price for these speakers will be about $3500.  Are the differences between these speakers really enough to justify the price differential?

I do like the idea of having an adjustable crossover and having the newer improved drivers...however are the differences going to make sense $$$$ wise?  Would love some fresh prospective from some of my fellow hobbyists!

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Yes, the Alto Be is not in the same class as the Scala; I've had both.  Take the Scala and enjoy. 
Thank you for your reply! 

What would you say the most significant differences are between these speakers?

I'm obsessed with imaging and soundstage depth...I like feeling and sound of the music coming out of infinity and the speakers completely disappearing...I take it the Scalas get you there better?

Thank you again for any details you can share!