Alto-Extremo Absorber feets opinions

I want to know if anybody tried Alto-Extremo Absorber Feets. For many years I used Audiopoint solid brass cones for all my components but I´m thinking to try other products under my Audio Aero Capitole Classic SE Tube CD player.
I will apreciate your opinions.
i have the exact same cd player and i use alto lyd 1's under it. i find that they isolate batter than the supplied bdr cones. the bass is tighjter and imaging more focused.
i actually have lyd1's under all of my equipment, amps, preamp and 3 phono stages. it's a very good, well made product and alfred at high end is a pleasure to deal with.
I use Alto-Extremo Lyd II under all my components (except speakers). Under the CD Transport I have found it worthwhile to put the AE Lyd II both directly under the transport AND under the plexiglass platform under the transport.
These work better than anything else I have tried, and I have tried quite a few.