Altis Ultima Dac - Chip set

Does anyone have a schematic for this dac. Specifically which chips are used. For some reason - the type of chip set used in my dac has purposely been scratched off. The point of the question is there any possibility of replacing the original chips with newer ones that may offer advances made in technology in the past decade.
It is very unlikely that you will find a pin-compatible DAC chip to replace the old one, even if you knew what it is.

If you Google "Jerry Ozment", you'll get his phone number. I have a review on this dac compared to the later Reference if interested.
Tabl10s is right. If anyone can answer your question it is Jerry Ozment. His number is (203) 222-2274.
thanks from Toronto Canada
Much appreciated I will try contacting Jerry Ozment
and yes I would like to see the review
By the way - I am very happy with the Dac - some caps have been replaced & I have just purchased a pair of NOS 6922s
I have the altis CDTiii as the transport

Send me an email with your address and I'll get it to you.
Do you have the transformer or yellow cap mods(I recently changed the output caps to V-Caps and the PSU to Jensen Four-Pole)?