Altis Audio Centauri Transport

Does anyone have any listening experience with the Centauri? I would appreciate any feedback, especially how it compares with other transports that are considered state of the art. Thank you.
I heard it in two different high resolution systems and fell in love with it but poor me...I could not afford it at the time so I bought it's little brother, the Altis CDT-3. The Centuri crushes the Levinson which I am familiar with and also the CEC TL-1X which I have heard many times. If I had been in the market to buy a few weeks ago I could have bid on one here on Audiogon.The starting bid for one was around $7000.00! Now that would have been nice.I also never use to be into looks but man is that thing gorgeous! GTT had it on auction but I don't remember seeing if it was sold.The Jadis and Oracle are nice too but my nod goes to the Centuri.
I own an Altis Centauri and believe it surpasses all others I have auditioned. It bettered the Forsell Air Reference,
the C.E.C. TL-0, and the Levinson 31.5---all which I have tried and sold. You rarely see a Centauri out there for sale because once you have one, you won't give it up!!! My advice would be buy this monumental (it's made of granite)
transport if you can afford it and hear how your music is really supposed to sound!!!