Alterra Anyone?

Has anyone here tried this new product and formed an opinion?


I switched from Shunyata Delta to Kubala Sosna Elation! Cables and getting their XPander distribution box this year.

I will never look back and Shunyata is a money pit 

Nordost offers the same kind of system.  Shunyata is probably trying to compete. I use their conditioners and power cords and am well pleased with the results. Although I haven’t tried these types of grounding system I’m sure there’s some merit but to what degree is probably system dependent.

I heard a box from Ansuz at AXPONA 2019 that they advertised as a "Star Grounding" system. I believe it was a Mainz 8 and it cost $20,000 (they now have one that is over $30,000). FWIW, I have been skeptical that these kinds of devices will have a discernable effect on the sound. They plugged their components into a typical Home Depot power strip, played a cut, and then plugged everything into the Ansuz box and played the same cut. The difference in sound was huge. I was sitting there catching flies and I looked around and everybody else had the same look - something between incredulity and disbelief. I am always concerned about expectation bias but everybody in that room heard this clearly. I can describe the sound difference as a blacker background and it wasn't subtle.

I haven't heard the Shunyata system but I would like to hear a demo along the lines of the Ansuz test.

Altaira was Dr. Morbius' beautiful daughter in Forbidden Planet.  Played by Anne Francis.