Alternatives to Stillpoints

I am using the Stillpoints Ultra SS with good success in some of my gear. Looking to complete two more sets. Then it hit me, is there anything better (preferably cheaper) out there?
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Even if you have a dedicated room for speakers and amps, equipment out of room is the best 
TW Isolation feet much better and much cheaper as well.

How did the Ingress Engineering compare to the Symposium?
I generally won’t pay for snake-oil tweaks and exotic cables. However, I really like Center Stage Footers by Critical Mass Systems. Pricing by any standards borders on ridiculous - until you hear what they do. The explanation for how they work is pure obfuscation to me. I didn’t want to like them....

You can find comparisons reviews to Stillpoints. Don’t read them! If you try them, you won’t thank me for this.

Oh, I also like Herbie’s for tube dampers. The footers are ok, but not in the same sonic league, or price bracket as the CMS gizmos. Thank God!

Homemade low cost recipe:

quartz feet /granite plate/ sorbothane/Granite plate/ cork plate/ bamboo plate/ granite plate/sorbothane....Cost is under 100 dollars for the 2 speakers and the same cost for dac+amp

This controls resonance and damp it with diverse densities of materials at low cost....My speakers are under load (70 pounds)also....My speakers are on my desk beside the dac and the amplifier that are on top of the same sandwiches....No vibrations are sensed at all with my finger on my desk at high volume with drums.... Not perfect but very good....