Alternatives to Stillpoints

I am using the Stillpoints Ultra SS with good success in some of my gear. Looking to complete two more sets. Then it hit me, is there anything better (preferably cheaper) out there?
I like Herbie's products across the board and use the iso cups and balls under my Primaluna mono blocks to great effect (on Himalayan salt block platforms).
Hey Andy,
Where did you get  Himalayan salt block platforms large enough for your mono blocks? 
Amazon. I think this is it:

It's 12 x x 8 x 2 so it's footprint is a bit smaller than the amps.
@thyname, Ingress and Symposium roller and cup footers work well to damp seismic vibrations in rotational and horizontal planes. To get the best results you need to combine them with an air spring under a supportive plate made from a material with good damping properties.