Alternatives to Stillpoints

I am using the Stillpoints Ultra SS with good success in some of my gear. Looking to complete two more sets. Then it hit me, is there anything better (preferably cheaper) out there?
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Thanks @gdnrbob . I have the Ayre Myrtle blocks. They came with my Ayre gear. They did nothing to my system. Zip!

The Stillpoints however, they did change the timbre and tonality for good. I like them.

I was just looking for something for cheaper than Stillpoints.
Critical Mass Center Stage anyone? Symposium Rollerblock 2+?
And of course... here come the objectivists! Or the skeptics? Or the trollls! Flat earth crowd? Please... I don’t need your opinion. Go pollute a cable thread. Or a streamer/ DAC.... everything you don’t believe in
Send me your email: I still have them. I can send you a picture with me holding them, or even take a video or do FaceTime and show them to you. Why would I lie ?
OP update:  I ordered a set of three Symposium Rollerblocks 2+

Thanks all for your help. It will be interesting to compare these with my Stillpoints Ultra SS
Believe or not @stevecham I did try those. Or something very similar I bought from Amazon. I definitely try to save money. I wish I could post a picture of them at hand. Still have them. Sitting there

Unfortunately, they made things worse. Muffled and dull
Too late @bdp24 --- I already ordered the Rollerblocks 2+. One set. It should arrive on Monday. I will check Ingress out. Never heard of them
Yup! I found it myself. Very interesting. and relatively cheap. Maybe I should buy them and do a shootout! :-)
Yes @yoby I do use wooden shelves and rack. But those are not your warehouse woods. My rack is made of 4” and 2” thick air dried solid maple wood from Mapleshade:

They are excellent. So may I suggest you take a look before you put them down?
No problem @yoby no offense taken. I am pretty happy with Mapleshade and don’t see myself changing anything anytime soon. Are there better things out there? Sure are, but I have to stop somewhere and be satisfied. Like with everything in life. Honestly, I had been very resistant on racks and platforms over the past 15 years or so, and only used cheap racks before from VTI and Pangea. It took getting the Samson rack locally from someone last year to change my mind. So yes, racks matter, and I do realize I can do better. But not for now. Mapleshade will do.
The Symposium Rollerblock 2+ arrived! Very well built, and effective! Damn... though they had like four pages of instructions to read 😂😂. So, I moved my Stillpoints Ultra SS to my power conditioner, and using these for my ZENith MK3 server. My system never sounded so good! Not sure whether from “equipping “ my Power Conditioner with footers in general, or from Rollerblocks.

I just ordered a set of three Level 3, V3 from Ingress Engineering. For less than half the price of the Symposiums, worth trying and comparing.
Thanks for the advice @toetapaudio!

I have yet to receive the Ingress. Maybe next week. It's taking a while to get them from Canada