Alternatives to sand and lead shot for stands

Sand is too messy and lead shot is kind of expensive. I was wondering whether aquarium gravel would work as well. I'd like it cause its cheap and not messy like sand. I'm just unsure whether it would be inferior to sand or shot. Any recommendations?
25lbs. of shot for $20.00 isn't bad and you can't beat the mass.
I used both lead shot and sand on my stands in the past and lead shot was the best overall.. I even used about half sand before and the rest lead shot which seemed to work great also..
If using sand, just take outside to fill and use a funnel, once filled and sealed should not have to worry about a mess...
just because stands can loaded, doesn't mean that they have to be. if your loudspeakers sound great on the stands(room placemnt is crucial) do not mess with filling them.
Concur with Dave. Take em outside to fill and sweep away the excess.
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Hey, Merganser, where can you get 25 pounds of lead shot for $20?

Also, i was wondering, isn't lead dangerous? It can't be good to handle 25 lbs of lead shot right? I must be missing something, since it seems to be a very popular choice.
Is lead shot like this good for my purposes (filling two 24" stands)?

Yes, that's the stuff. It comes in different sizes, but for filling stands it's a mute point. I get mine at Pro Bass Shops however, you have to go to the store to buy it, they don't seem to sell it online. Lead isn't dangerous to adults from short term exposure, but I would recommend using thick latex gloves when handling it anyway.
Wal-Mart sells lead shot. Just pour small amounts in to a seperate container and use a funnel. You'll never have to touch it that way. It comes in a bag from Wal-Mart and is hard to handle because of the weight, so a seperate container is needed or you'll be sorry when you spill it!
I understand lead shot is also available steel plated as it is illegal to use pure lead shot in many places beacause of toxicity/environmental concerns. This would alleviate handling/disposal concerns.