Alternatives to Rogue Stereo 100

I've been thinking about adding a tube component to my heretofore all SS system.  I've got the opportunity to pick up a new Rogue Stereo 100 power amp for about $1000 off it's normal $3495.  I'm familiar with its reputation, and I'm wondering if there is anything else in that price range ($2500) I should be considering.  I've got an Ayre pre and PMC TB2i speakers, and my sources are VPI turntable and Mytek DAC for all things digital.  PMC's are 90 db sensitivity.  Currently running a Primare SS amp, but I also have an Aragon 8008MKII.  Between the Ayre and the PMCs, my system is probably a little lean, and I'd like to hear what a good tube amp will do.  Mostly classical and acoustic and "audiophile" stuff on this system.  Save the heavy stuff for downstairs.  Appreciate any feedback.
amps = small change speakers big change
  Take a listen below it may save you alot of time

You might consider a tube preamp to drive your SS amps. 
Thanks.  I thought of that, but from what I've deduced, power tubes add more "tubiness" than just a tube-pre.  I really want to swing the pendulum to the other side of the spectrum.  I've intentionally set up a high powered, revealing system.  Now I want to try the other side of the conversation.  I'm hoping a tube amp would introduce enough of the tube sound to give me a different experience.  audioconnection's comment above is a good one...perhaps I'll need to try out a different speaker to get away from leanness...though I do love my PMCs.
The Rogue provides good power on demand, very good build quality, but has more of a neutral sonic signature. It has true, accurate sonics and is not warm and coloured. 
If you're looking for classic tube sonics, it's best paired with a warm tube preamp.
So, lowrider57, you're saying that I need tubes in both pre and power section to get true tubiness, and that putting a Rogue after my Ayre will keep my system fairly it is now with a solid state amp?
No, I’m saying that the Rogue house sound is not a warm and classic tube sound when compared to brands like McIntosh or PrimaLuna. Your post sounded like you are looking for a "tubey" sounding amp, something warm and not lean.

Rogue is accurate and neutral, but you can always roll in some warmer tubes.
I’m stressing the point that their amps provide pleasant sonics, but they are more neutral than warm. But you will get a full range tube sound from the 100 amp.
Understood.  PrimaLuna was definitely on my short list.  Along with Cayin, Cary, Quicksilver and Line Magnetic.  I like the idea of American made gear...which probably pointed me to Rogue in the first place.
You might want to check out Raven Audio. I'm loving their Blackhawk integrated amp and switched the power tubes to RCA black plates to get an even warmer sound. It's only rated at 20 WPC but seems much more powerful and drove some Magnapan 1.7i's with ease. Like you I was looking to add a warmer tube sound and while I enjoyed the Odyssey Candela with Kismet Monoblocks, the Raven integrated amp is giving me the tube sound I enjoy with all the dynamics and revealing sound I could ask for. Raven is great to deal with and their made in the USA products. Good luck in your search. 
Thanks, mac48025.  The Raven stuff looks great.  I thought about an integrated...but I've got real money invested in the Ayre, and I'd like to keep it in the chain.  It's great to learn about American companies making solid audio gear at "reasonable" prices.  Unfortunately the power amps at Raven are a bit above my budget right now.  Trying to stay around the $2500 mark.  
I really, really love the Primaluna Dialogue HP amp with KT150s.  Bought it used from a member here for little more than your budget.  Not many used for sale though..
I have a pair of Rogue M-180s, I really like these and I suspect the 100 is of a similar character. IME the Rogue neutrality made these a good candidate for a foundation, a blank canvas, extended and resolved enough to allow for significant shifts via upstream components, tube rolling and cabling. Also, although neutral they are anything but plain or lean; they still have an organic midrange and throw a stage that is layered, tactile, and unmistakably tubey, IMO.

But in terms of potential alternatives, I’ll add a vote for PrimaLuna.
I’ve listened to a Dialogue 2 and an HP and found them to be very musical. I remember the Dialogue 2 in particular as having a particularly natural midrange (which I’m guessing its integrated preamp contributed to).

Thanks, c_s.  Just so happens a Primaluna Prologue 5 showed up on my local craigslist for $900.  Has me interested...and it's a fair bit cheaper way to try out my first good piece of tube gear.
I think the Stereo 100 is a superb amplifier and it sounds marvelous with their matching preamp. I elected to get the Rogue integrated Medusa which sounds wonderful and is convenient. They make a less powerful Hydra version you may look into. Rogue is a good outfit and hard to beat so I would stick with them.

Got the Primaluna Prologue 5 this week used from Gig Harbor Audio in Washington.  The KT88s have been replaced with KT120s.  It seems a quality piece of kit.  It's quiet and clean, and I'm initially impressed with the quality.  Clearly the base extension does not match my Primare or Aragon solid state gear, but the highs are good.  Although the mids are slightly accentuated, they are definitely pleasant and realistic.  But the most obvious difference is the sound stage, which appears wider than my SS gear and with more separation between the instruments.  I've heard people use the term holographic with tube gear.  Although I'm not sure that's exactly the right word, it does seem to capture the essence of the sound.  More engaging...less flat spatially.  I'm happy with the sound overall, but it is not a night and day difference from the quality SS amps I have.  Also, the power of the amp seems quite adequate with my PMC TB2i speakers.  I don't detect any problems getting adequate volume or any strain in the sound.  It's lovely overall. 
Sounds like you found a great product at a good price. Congrats!