Alternatives to Klipsch Forte II

I've had so many recommendations for the Forte II. I've never really owned a good pair of speakers, and thus don't know much about them. I like the Klipsch sound and have been seeking this out as a good, budget friendly, versatile speaker that doesn't require a sub.

Can anyone recommend something comparable in the sub $1000 range that will function well without a bass in a home theater setup for music/movies?
Agree with the Cornwall suggestion - won't cost too much more used, and will be a significant upgrade on the Forte and Chorus in every respect
I owned the Forte II's and had a room slightly larger than yours, about 15 ft, and found that the Forte II's could virtually overpower a small room like yours, if played at high volume. The sound of the Forte II's is on the bright side and in your face. I think they were a great speaker in it's price range, very hard to beat! If anything, I would consider the Forte II, but maybe you might be better off with the smaller Heresy. The Chorus and Cornwalls are just too much for smaller rooms.
Have to agree on the KLF20's or 30's - my son had the 20's and now has the 30's. Personally I think the 30's are too much for his room. Also I am far from a Klipsch lover but my son loves loud and in your face. That being said I still recommend both of those speakers for someone starting out AND listening at moderate levels. At high levels I personally think all Klipsch are extremely fatiguing. Just a lot of speaker for little money when you keep the levels low to moderate.