Alternatives to Klipsch Forte II

I've had so many recommendations for the Forte II. I've never really owned a good pair of speakers, and thus don't know much about them. I like the Klipsch sound and have been seeking this out as a good, budget friendly, versatile speaker that doesn't require a sub.

Can anyone recommend something comparable in the sub $1000 range that will function well without a bass in a home theater setup for music/movies?
Klipsch Cornwall -A major step up from the Forte in bass and imaging- Can be had for a song used-Slightly large cabinet for HT though -Hard to beat at current price point!
Also put on your short list:
Chorus II (bigger brother to the Forte II)
KLF-20 or 30

Any of these will give you plenty of bass.
If you like Klipsch-be sure to check out the mods/cross-overs available from Bob Crites (google it).