Alternatives to Disc Doctor Brushes?

Hi, I just received the Disc Doctor's miracle record cleaning fluid from Music Direct. The brushes are back ordered, so I was wondering what to use in the meantime? I have an old Discwasher brush, but am hesitant to use it.

I know the Disc Doctor brushes are highly recommended. I bought a set, but don't really like them. I feel like they are pushing things into the grooves. I like the VPI brush--at least I'm getting better results with it. Some time ago, there was a thread on cleaning records. One post had a link to a DYI for brushes and cleaner. You might try a search for that thread.
There are a number of things you can try. Cotton "patches" will work, make sure you have several layers between your fingers and the record. Brushes by VPI, as Abstract7 stated and I use, Nitty Gritty brushes, the old Discwasher cleaning brush. Just make sure that whatever you are going to use is very, very clean to start with. If you are going to use something that you have used with other cleaning fluids in the past, rinse it well with distilled water, then rinse with the "new" cleaning fluid before using on your precious vinyl. Sometimes if cleaning fluids are mixed together as liquids, the result is less than desirable.
i have excellent results yust washing my records w/mild dish soap & lukewarm water, then drying w/a soft towel. when playing the records, i use a keith monks record sweeper, a soft-bristle brush on the end of a small tonearm that tracks the grooves while playing. this thing even has a grounding strap to reduce static - it's all metal, & there's a few carbon-fibres mixed-in w/the bristles. there's a guy w/a small shop in canada - arthur salvatore - i tink he may still have a few of these nos. also effective are the old watts dust-bugs, which ya see on ebay for cheap every now-n-again. i used one w/good results for over 20 years before i found the keith monks model. most of my albums, even the old ones, are in great shape...