Alternatives ot Dynavector DV-1t

I'm considering upgrading cartridges from a DV-1S to a DV-1T.  My thinking is that I like the Dynavector sound but would just like more of it.  This strategy worked very well when I went from the xx-II2 to the 1S.  On the other hand, in the spirit of due diligence, I'm wondering if there are other cartridges with a similar style and quality which merit consideration.  While I recognize that the Dynavector style isn't for everyone, I'm not looking to debate styles but simply to find alternatives to Dynavector.  Your ideas will keep me occupied doing research on these long cold nights, so thanks in advance for your help. 
Do you mean XV-1t?

If so, that sure is an impressive looking cart.

If I were shopping in such a price point, I would consider the Audio Technica ART 1000.

Just going on the fact I like my Audio Technica ART9, along with strong following among in forums. Seems most AT carts historically perform well above their price points, and I don’t think this new flagship @5K will break the tradition.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found any reviews yet, from users. If it performs like the ART9, it should compete with carts at or near the $10K level.

Of course, this is assuming it will be a good match(based on specs) for you arm.
I have had 4 DVs (1 xx-ii2 & 3 xv1s) then 2010 I moved to VdH  Colibris (on my 4th). For me the 2 different DVs didn't share a family sound. Xx-ii2 is bass heavy and I best describe it as the Audiophile DJs choice cart. The xv1s gives up the bass for a better top-to-bottom balance, speed, soundstage, etc. Then there's that other model without a personality that sits between the two. It also has a sound of it's own. The 1st Colibri I had was the entry level LW. Hands down more refined, less 'self-noise', more 3D, more hi-fi, for less price! Now a few things were starting to happen in my audiophile journey. I started believing that using resistors for loading veiled the sound, and that a lower output ver. of a cart sounds better( gain permitting) . So when I had a chance at a xv1t I didn' like that it had more gain and resistance, presumably from more coil wire used? I didnt want to also move off my Phonos default loading by adding resistors to match the required loading. So then I played with different Colibris to experiment with relationship between cart volt. output and ohms, etc. keeping the Phono at default. So this long story's point is this. 1. You can easily beat xv1s performance at lower price, even today. 2. It helps if you are at a stage where you know your Phono and it's preference for a cart's output parameters as sometimes tuning the Phono (even when it has toggle switches to support your desired settings) can compromise it's SQ. 3. Even if to your ears the DV carts have a family sound that you like it is a good idea to try a different brand for the sake of. I only stuck with Colibris because I was experimenting: no other cart has so many permutations of coil material, number of coil layers, cantilever lengths, body materials, etc etc as the Colibris. My next cart (and my recommendations if you Phono permits) will likely be XYZ ultimate dynamic or Benz TRS or Proteus, ART-7, etc(low output) or a Colibri with a new/exiting permutation. 

I have not heard the DV-1S but I have heard the DV-1T.  It is a great sounding cartridge. Before making a decision you should see if you can hear a top line Benz-Micro (LPS) and a top line EMT (JSD series). There are others to explore as well.

ZYX UNIverse ought to be considered at this level.  I do know that I prefer it to the Benz LPS.  But all these cartridges are very good. I'm very curious about the AT1000, too.
Dear @asquaretail: I think you own a tangential tonearm with your XV 1s and as I can read you are satisfied but want to have something better.

The 1t is the logic/natural growing up " road "  but exist several alternatives of other top quality level performance cartridges.

My Sonic Labs is great design and the Colibri is a very well mature design. The Colibri makes somethings that no other cartridge can gives us.
Today many audiophiles just do not take in count perhaps because the Colibri is in the market by many years and VDH just did not designed a new model and why any well regarded designer decided not to improve its design, in this case the Colibri?, easy there is nothing to improve or to make it better performer.

Lyra Etna SL is other good alternative as can be the Ortofon Ana but if I'm was you I will go before other action for the Colibri in its lower output version if your phonolinepreamp can handle it.

Any top cartridge in the today manufacturer catalog performs with very high quality performance but exist no two cartridges coming from different designer that performs alike, all performs a " little " different and not necessary better than the other.

The main judge about will be you through your system/analog rig quality level and your skills and knowledge level to make the best cartridge set up you can.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,
Thank  you all.  You've provided much grist for the research mill and it will keep me happily occupied for several of these long and cold days.

First, my apologies for misidentifying the cartridge.  I am talking about the XV-1T.

Second (to Vusi_ Khumalo), I do think that there is a Dynavector house sound.  Of course each Dynavector cartridge is different from the others with its own strengths and weaknesses.  On the other hand, all the Dynavectors I've heard  share certain traits.  They are faster rather than slower, accurate but not too analyti, and rich without being warm.  In short, I find them balanced.  Or perhaps a better way to put it is that I like the compromises made by Dynavector more than those made by some other cartridge brands.  The one thing I've learned from 30 plus years of listening is that ALL audio equipment involves compromises and the search is to find the compromises that we want to live with.

Jpperry recommended the Benz LPS.  I haven't heard it, but have heard a couple of Benz's other cartridges and based on that, assumed that the LPS was on the warmer side of the Dynavector.  I'll look into it however.  Thats why I posted in the first place.

Finally, rauliruegas's comment caused me to realize that I probably should have included some information about my gear.  I'm running a clear audio innovation wood turntable with an Universal arm into a Simaudio 810LP.  The pre is currently a Naim 272 but will be upgraded this year (although it is amazingly good with the XPS-DR).  The amplifiers are Clayton Audio M300 mono's and the speakers are Dynaudio C2's with a pair of REL G-1's.  Wires are mostly Transparent.  I mention this for two reasons. One is  that it may explain why I don't want to go too warm and the second is that its a fairly versatile setup that should accept most cartridges.  Its may also change someones suggestions.

At any rate, I'll begin by looking at reviews and then will start looking for dealers of the cartridges that look interesting.  This should keep me occupied for the winter.   Again, thanks.
The Benz-Micro (LPS) is warmer than the DV, but is still worth hearing.

The top line EMT (JSD series) is not as warm as the Benz-Micro and has bottom end slam just as the DV, but maybe better IMO.

Enjoy your search. 
The XV-1T is Dynavector's best/most expensive cartridge.  I had the 1S and was a great cartridge.  The XV-1T is in the class of some of the following top carts of all these mfrs - at the end of the day, it depends on your table and preference:

ZYX Universe II X
Lyra Titan
Clearaudio GF
Ortofon Anna

Art Salvatore's discussion talks about the ZYX Universe II, Benz LP-S and the XV-1S.