Alternatives/improvements to VPI Aries Scout

I have a Spectral (30pre; 150power)/ WATT Puppy system and decided to buy a turntable as an occassional signal source for my LP collection. I ordered the Scout/Dynavector combination with the Creek OBH-8SP pre-preamp....on August 1, and it's still not shipped. What would you recommend as a totally low maintenance, no-fuss alternative that is least susceptible to feedback. I'm looking for something that is a table/tonearm/cartridge combo, for about $2k. I obsess over things but frankly don't have the time or bandwidth to obsess over a turntable. (used to have Goldmund Studio and got rid of it because of maintenance). Thanks for your ideas.
Have you heard the Rega tables? The P25 with one of the better Rega cartridges is easy to set up and sounds great.
I'd recommend the Teres 135, in the finished version, if you don't want to fuss with a kit. Add a Rega RB250, and a Denon DL103R. This will put you at just over $2k. You can mod the 250 later, or just get the modded version from the start for a couple hundred more. This rig will do you right. Especially if you are used to the high end tables like the Goldmund. The performance is way, way higher than the Scout and more like the TNT Mk V. And it is suspensionless, so it is a set it, and forget it type of rig. Put it on a real heavy solid stand, and it will be virtually immune to vibration, and sounds better on that anyway. I use the Teres 245 which is one step up from the 135, and I think it is competitive with the really high end stuff. For a quick look at one, just click on the "System" link next to my name below, and look at the photo of my TT. For more detailed info,see the Teres website at
There are used Scouts and many others on audiogon, of course. Thanks for giving everyone a chance to plug the TT they bought (NAS Interspace).
I order the VPI Scout,from the Elusive disc inc. 1-800-782-3472. It was about A week after they said it was there.Could not be more happy with this bunch of guys. Was thinking about calling,but with the deal they gave me I could not be more tha satisfied. Check them out A lot of satisfied customers